How to fix a bicycle wheel


How to fix a bicycle wheel


Times are tough, and bicycles are a mode of transportation that requires no fossil fuels. Upkeep and repair of a yard sale gem may bring you to this article

Step One

Flip the bike upside down, balancing on the handlebars and seat. Loosen nuts on the axle on the forks. Beneath the nuts may be retaining washers that protrude into the forks.

Step Two

Firmly pull the wheel from between the caliper brake pads and off the forks. With a blunt flat blade screwdriver, gently force between the rim and tire

Step Three

Pull tire over the rim and begin sliding the flat blade around the rim, exposing the inner tube, leaving the tire on the rim.. Remove the inner tube and replace with a new inner tube

Step Four

Align the valve stem through the drilled hole of the rim. Press the extruded tire all the way around the rim up until you must employ the flat blade once again to slide along the rim until the outer tire is on the rim.

Step Five

Slowly add air to the tire, allowing the inner tube to release kinks. Complete the inflation to the recommended air pressure.

Step Six

Realign the tire back onto the forks, placing the retaining washers in their respective depression.Spin the wheel, watching from a birds eye the wobbling. Stop the wheel where the tire moves to one side and adjust the axle on the forks.

Step Seven

Loosely tighten the nuts, enough for a new 'wobble' test.

Step Eight

Once the wheel is aligned, brace the tire against your chest and tighten the nuts completely.

Step Nine

Some tires have spin off axles that only require a quick spin to loosen. Rear tires on a gear bike require a few more steps.


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