How to Properly Repair Your Wooden Furniture Joints


How to Properly Repair Your Wooden Furniture Joints


Wooden furniture repair is a procedure that you can perform in many ways. There are many types of wooden furniture, and as a result, different methods have been devised for their maintenance. Common wooden furniture that may need repair includes drawers, doors, chairs and mirrors. The one thing that most wooden pieces have in common is that they are constructed using joints. When repairing furniture, it is best to choose a method which is minimally invasive. Restoring a piece often makes more sense than revamping it completely.

So, whether you have got some beautiful vintage industrial furniture by that you want to repair, or need to make some adjustments to your garden furniture, keep reading for some tips that will help you do the job properly.

Understanding Wooden Furniture Joints

A collection of joints are used in the furniture design process, and over time, these joints may weaken or fail completely. While some joints are rudimentary, others are quite durable. The joints which are used in high end wooden furniture are generally stronger than cheaper pieces, but wear and tear will take their toll even on the best designed furniture. To avoid this damage, it is important to fix joints as quickly as possible, especially when they become loose or begin to separate.

Problems with wooden furniture will almost always come in one of three forms. The material itself will be damaged, its function will be comprised or it will begin to weaken. There are a number of basic techniques that you can use to handle the majority of these problems.

Tightening Loose Joints

When a joint weakens, the problem is actually compounded. This is because there will be immediate problems with the function of the furniture and over the long term it will weaken the entire piece. While a joint which isn’t repaired today won’t break tomorrow, it will place greater pressure on the other joints. One of the most basic ways of repairing these joints is glue. When a loose joint is found, check to be sure the screws are in tight. If so, then you can apply the adhesive. This adhesive will come in the form of epoxy or resin. Another adhesive called resorcinol is also commonly used.

You will need to use a glue injector to push the glue into the loose joint. Then you will want to wiggle the joint a bit to ensure the adhesive is applied evenly. The joint should then be clamped for about two days, after which the adhesive will become fully cured. Glue blocks may also be used to further strengthen the joint.

Reconstructing Loose Joints

Sometimes furniture joints will need to be reconstructed completely. While this may sound complicated, it isn’t. However, it will require a great deal of patience. You will first need to make sure all the parts are in the proper places, and fit together perfectly. Prior to this, you will need to disassemble the joint, a task that should be done carefully. If it gives you trouble, you can use a mallet to tap the frame pieces lightly until they come loose. Don’t hit the wood too hard or you may damage it.

There is a possibility that the joints were put together using nails or screws, as well as adhesive. In this scenario, you will first need to take apart the fasteners followed by the adhesive. It may be necessary to shatter the adhesive bond and pry the joint loose carefully. Once the joint has been taken apart, it must be cleaned. Once the joint has been cleaned, you should be able to reassemble it using epoxy. Then you will need to let the furniture sit for a week so it can be properly cured.

By following these tips, you should be able to successfully repair your wooden furniture. Good luck!

Blog posted: 22nd April 2015


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