The Pro’s and Con’s of Building Your Own Home


The Pro’s and Con’s of Building Your Own Home


Many of us regularly look around our homes trying to figure out ways to make it bigger or more functional. Even if the house is large, we often struggle to make the space work for us. Perhaps you have already undertaken some renovations and remodelling. If it’s still not as good as you would like, then it may be time to move to a home that is closer to your needs. Finding that elusive dream house can be the impossible task though! Instead, why not build the house you really want? We weigh up the pros and cons of taking on your own house build.


Pros – By sticking to your budget you know exactly what you will get for that money. This means that your money will get you what you want, instead of paying for features you’re not that interested in.

Cons – You have to buy land first, which can add substantially to the cost of your build. Then you need to pay for design and planning. Finally, the cost of materials and labor will be added. That’s a lot of payments to keep on top of!


Pros – By hiring a firm of designers like Cambridge Architects, you can finalise your dream house design in no time. Choose architects that you can communicate easily with so nothing needs to go back to the drawing board. You will see your plans on paper, and usually a 3D rendering so you can do a virtual walkthrough of you dream house.

Cons – Sometimes the reality of building what you want on the plot you have within the budget you are constrained by is impossible. Architects will tell you what can be done, but you may have to scale back your design substantially.

Project Managing

Pros – By taking on the project managing yourself, you retain control. If you hire a project manager, you can sit back and relax as your dream home takes shape.

Cons – Project managing is extremely stressful and takes up a lot of your time every day. You may not see eye to eye with the project manager you have hired and the build could grind to a halt over a disagreement.


Pros – Taking on much of the labor yourself will earn you a huge sense of pride. This is your dream home, and you want to be as hands-on as possible. You can customise every nook and cranny.

Cons – Unless you are a seasoned builder, there is no way you can take on the tasks of building your home as quickly or effectively as a professional. It will cost you time and money if mistakes are made. Buying a ready-built property saves you months or even years.

Building your own home takes years of designing, planning and building but it gives you something that is truly yours. It is custom made to suit you and your lifestyle in every way. Buying a pre-loved home may save you time and trouble, but it will never be that perfect fit you crave. If you want the perfect home, now may be the time to build it.

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