How to make your own work bench


How to make your own work bench


No workshop is complete without a heavy-duty workbench. DIY stores, however, often charge a lot for workbenches that you could easily build at home for a fraction of the cost. Not only will you save yourself money, you’ll have both the pride of crafting a major part of your workshop and a workbench that will last for years to come. With a few tools, a little time and a trip to the hardware store / lumber yard, you’ll be well on your way to building a homemade workbench.

Step One

Cut all of the supports for the frame of your workbench. You will need three 19-inch pieces of 2x4. Make sure to use the speed square when making the mark for the cuts. It is important that the cuts be straight.

Step Two

Cut the angled supports for the bench. Using the speed square, mark a 45-degree angle at the end of the scrap of 2x4 left over from the previous step. Measure 12 inches from the short side of the angle. Make another 45 degree mark. The piece that you just laid out should have two opposite angles that are 12 inches apart at their shortest distance (short to short for the remainder of this article). Make 11 more of these.

Step Three

Cut out the legs of the workbench. On each 4x4, measure 4 feet and mark it with the speed square (regular 90 degrees). Cut each of the 4x4s in half. These will serve as the legs of your bench. If you want a height different than 4 feet, cut accordingly.

Step Four

Build the frame. Set two 8-foot 2x4s on the ground, on their narrow edge and parallel to one another. At each end, insert a 19-inch piece of 2x4. Screw these into place with 2-inch screws. Measure 4 feet from one of the ends and place a mark on the 2x4. Repeat this on the other 8-foot 2x4. Insert the third 19-inch piece of 2x4 in the center of the frame, using the two marks as a guide. Screw the piece into place with 2-inch screws.

Step Five

Attach the legs using 2-inch screws. In each corner of the frame, stand up a 4-foot section of 4x4. Screw each one into place from the outside of the frame, two from each direction. Stand up the last two pieces of 4x4 in the corners of the center support and attach them the same way.

Step Six

Attach the angled supports, two in each leg. The corner legs will have supports on adjacent sides; the middle legs will have them on opposite sides. Begin by placing a support flush against a leg and the frame of the workbench. Using 2-inch screws, fasten the support to the frame and leg. Repeat this step for all of the supports/legs.

Step Seven

Flip the table over so it stands on the legs. Lay the piece of plywood on top. Make sure all edges are flush. Using 1 1/2-inch screws, fasten the plywood to the frame. Measure 4 feet from one of the ends and make a mark. Use a 1 1/2-inch screw to fasten the center of the plywood to the center support.


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