Simple Security Fixes For The Home


Simple Security Fixes For The Home


Your home and its contents are worth far more than money to you. And, if there ever comes a time when you are a victim of a burglary, it can be incredibly distressing. Not just because you have lost possessions, but also the fact that you have had someone enter your private space and rummage through your things. So, to help you make your home a safer, more secure place, we have come up with some simple suggestions for you. Some you can do yourself, some you will need some help. But all of them will improve your home security. Let’s get started right away.

Close & Lock

Make sure you get into the habit of closing and locking your doors every time you go out. If you live in a large home, you should also consider locking up when you spend any time upstairs. The vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic, so any pen window or door is just an invitation. Realistically, if a professional thief wants to get into your home, there isn’t much you can do to stop them. But, there are very few of them around, and the chances of you being targeted are slim. It’s the opportunists you need to look out for – so close up and lock them out.

Meet The Neighbours

The safest communities are always friendlier. When you know your neighbours, they will look out for you. Get annoyed with old Mrs Jenkins at number 56 always staring out of her windows? You won’t be when she calls the police because somebody took a jemmy to your window. Get to know your neighbours, start a neighbourhood watch scheme. Whatever you do will help, and you will stop being such an attractive proposition for passing opportunists.

Sort Out Your Lighting

Lighting can scare away many a burglar. Motion sensors in the garden that go off whenever anyone approaches are the best way idea for most homes. Combined with a gravel driveway, you have two large slices of robust protection. If there are two things that any burglar hates, it is light and noise. Motion-sensing lights are dirt cheap to pick up these days and an absolute doddle to set up. Sure, they may irritate you a little when a cat slinks across your garden in late at night, but it will save you from being targeted.

Improve Your Garage

Garages are supposed to be safe, but they are a weak point in many people’s home security setup. Make sure your garage door is sturdy and locked as often as possible, or a clever thief could find their way in and steal your car or get entry into your house. Many people these days use their garages for different things – a gym, perhaps; or an office. If you do, you should be careful about leaving the doors open while you are working or working out. It will only take a glance from the street for someone to see inside, and you could be a target at a later date.

Install Alarm Systems

Alarm system used to be expensive and complicated to set up. But these days things are much rosier for the security-conscious household. Take a look at Flare, for example. It’s a smart home security system that uses motion sensors and face recognition to identify who should be in your house and, most importantly, who shouldn’t. For a couple of hundred pounds and a quick DIY installation, we don’t think you could go far wrong.

Any tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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