The 3 Unconventional DIY Tools You Need


The 3 Unconventional DIY Tools You Need


DIY isn’t always so straightforward. Sometimes you’re required to think outside the box a little. Not only do you have to think outside the box, you need to work outside of it too. This means you may need to get some tools you never thought you’d need. Think about it though. Isn’t it exciting? If DIY is starting to bore you with repetitive jobs, this may rekindle your love for it.


Just because you mow your lawn doesn’t mean your garden is in order. Look at the state of your bushes and hedges. How about that unwieldy overgrown tree? Home improvement doesn’t have to be left at the doors.

If you want to really make your home look great, you need to pay attention to the garden. Pruning with shears is important from both a design and functionality perspective.

Think of a beard. If you let it grow without any maintenance it’s going to look awful. The same goes for hedges and bushes. Parts of plants never grow at the same rate. It takes careful pruning and clipping to even them out.

In the case of some flowers and fruit producing plants, you need to trim them up to preserve their health.

Angle Grinder

If you do metal work, this device will be familiar to you. It grinds down the angles on the metal into a smoother curve. An example of how this could be used in your home comes in the form of one of the simplest DIY jobs imaginable. Fixing a stiff door.

So you’ve taken the door apart and realised the problem isn’t that it needs oiling. The problem is instead that the metal was warped slightly and part of the hinge is now touching another part that it should not.

To fix this, you take the angle grinder to it. You smooth down the edge that is catching just enough for it to no longer scrape against the other part. A job like this may need maximum dexterity, with a smaller and handleable angle grinder like the Hitachi G12SR3.

A Hand Drill

You may have thought these were a thing of the past. Think again. Hand drills still have a place in modern DIY. Power tools haven’t taken over just yet.

When you are doing a very delicate job that needs exact precision, the power drill is just not going to cut it. While very efficient and quick at making holes, sometimes it can be hard to control the power drill just right.

If you need to make a hole shallower than any of the drill attachments, you can’t trust your own hands to pull the tool back at the right moment. You need a hand drill. Crank by crank you can get as deep or shallow a hole as you need with total precision.

DIY isn’t one size fits all. Tasks aren’t always as straight forward as fixing a tap. Sure you can always call out for jobs that require a little bit of unconventional work, but where’s the fun in that?

Image Source: © Copyright Robin Sones and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


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