Which Type of Heating Is Best for Your Home?


Which Type of Heating Is Best for Your Home?


Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, heating is one of the most important factors. In our wet and chilly climate, it’s essential that our homes can heat up and retain the warmth created. Choosing the best heating system for you house can be difficult, however. There’s a lot to choose from. Should you still with what you’re familiar with, which is likely to be a boiler powered by gas or electricity? Or should you try something different to try and be more efficient? To help you decide, here’s some information about some of your options.

Gas or Electric Central Heating

Most homes in the UK are heated by a boiler, usually powered by gas or electricity. It’s much more expensive to have electric heating, so it’s best to rule it out if you want to save money. You can use gas in the kitchen as well as to heat your water, so it’s a useful option. Only 15% of people in the UK aren’t connected to the gas grid. However, gas isn’t your only option for heating your home, and there are other methods you can use.

Underfloor Heating

You can also have underfloor heating, instead of using radiators. You can use it under a number of surfaces, including stone, tile, wood and carpet. If you’re considering this option, there are two types. You can have an electric system or one that uses water, otherwise known as dry or wet systems. If you choose the former, it’s heated using electric wires. They are usually easier to install than a water system. The other option is connected to your boiler, which could be gas, electric or even solar powered.

Range Oven

If you want a more traditional heating option, a range stove (or AGA) is ideal. They are designed to stay on all the time and heat the whole house. This makes them particularly suitable for smaller homes, and of course they also serve as an oven for cooking and baking. However, they do mean you have little control over the heat in the house. And you have to like them for cooking with too.

Wood Burners

Some people choose to use a burner that they fuel with wood chips or logs. Some people will want to have one in one room of the house, like the living room. However, you can also consider an entire wood heating system. Otherwise called biomass systems, you can use them to provide both heat and hot water.

Renewable Energy

Apart from a biomass heating system, you can find other more eco-friendly ways of heating your home. Using solar energy to heat your water or produce electricity is one option. There are also heat pumps, which pump in warm or cold air from outside. These methods could mean you might benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

There is a variety of ways you can heat your home. Think about how green you want to be and what your wishes and concerns are for your house.

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