Amazing Ways to Transform the Look of a Flat


Amazing Ways to Transform the Look of a Flat


Some people have the wrong idea of what living in a flat entails. It doesn’t need to be cramped and haphazardly decorated. Many flats today are beautiful, spacious, and modern. If you’d like to transform the look of your flat, try these amazing ways to give it a makeover:

Have an Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room

An open plan kitchen and living room can really open the space up and make your flat feel so much bigger. The fewer walls you have in there, the bigger and less restricted the place will seem. Some people don’t think they’d like an open plan place, but are pleasantly surprised when they see it for themselves.

Use Mirrors to Open up the Space

Mirrors create the optical illusion of more space. Add one long mirror to a clear wall and you can almost make the space look twice as big! You can even create a feature wall using mirrors. It’s clever and it looks great!

Go for One Colour All Over

Many people say you should decorate small spaces in light colours, and while this can help, it isn’t necessary. You can pick any colour you like, but you need to be clever with it. Providing you use this colour all over, it can still open up a space as it blurs the borders of a room.

Big Furniture

Think you need to fit small furniture into a small space? Wrong! Big furniture makes a flat seem more grand and luxurious. Don’t be afraid to pick some big, statement pieces. Just measure them up first.

Turn Your TV into a Focal Point

Focal points in a flat help to give it character and personality. Turning your TV into a focal point is a great idea! Just be sure communal dish installation has already taken place, or your TV won’t work. You can mount the TV on the wall in front of a patterned wall paper, and arrange shelves around the TV to make your focal point stand out.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents add texture and depth to a room. Not only that, they have a similar effect as mirrors do. They reflect light and make the space seem bigger! Not to mention the element of luxury they can add.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can save space on other methods of storage, and look really cool too. Consider making feature walls with them for something a bit different.

Use One Pattern All Over

One pattern all over works in the same way as the one colour theory. Use this pattern on curtains, furniture, pillows, rugs, etc. The only place you don’t need to use it is on the walls. However, it can make a room look bigger and add the ‘wow’ factor to a room.

Use these tips and I guarantee your flat will look so much better afterwards. You may not be able to physically create more space, but you can make the mind/eye believe it. Get creative and have fun decorating!

Blog Uploaded: 13th August 2015


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