How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bills Each Month!


How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bills Each Month!


Bills, bills and more bills! It seems the only thing your home gives you at times, are bills! One of the most expensive bills we have to pay is our electricity bill. Often, we use way more electricity than we should, and it costs us dearly.

If you want to stop worrying about your electricity bills, check out some things you can do to save energy and reduce the costs:

Solar Panels

By using solar panels, you create energy from the sun. This means you won’t have to use electricity from the natural grid. So, you can save an absolute fortune on electricity bills in a year! Also, you can actually get paid for generating solar electricity! Solar panels on your house can either replace your energy source or subsidise it. If you can’t generate enough electricity purely through solar panels, then that’s fine. You can use half solar power and half national grid to get your electricity. This still means you’ll be saving money.

Use Your Windows

What’s one of the main purposes of windows? To let sunlight into your house! If you use your windows properly, then you can save money on electricity bills. Stop having curtains/blinds drawn and leaving your rooms in the dark. Especially during the day, there should be no need for you to have lights on during the day. Also, consider getting sunlights, like the ones on the Sunsquare site. A sunlight can brighten up the room and mean you won’t have to turn on the lights until night time.

Turn Off Your Lights

Like I just said, you often don’t need the lights turned on in your house. The only time you need them on is when it’s dark outside. The natural light from outdoors will be more than enough to light up most rooms. But, a common way to waste electricity is to leave your lights on throughout the day or overnight. When it’s dark, and you turn a light on, don’t forget to turn it off. Countless times I’ve walked past a room in my house and the light is turned on. No one’s in the room, someone just forgot to turn it off! Don’t waste electricity, turn your lights off after use.

Filament light bulb

Energy Saving Bulbs

Instead of getting bulbs with high watts, choose energy-saving ones. They do exactly what it says on the tin, save energy. They don’t require you to use as much electricity as a standard bulb, so can save you lots of money. It’s such a simple thing and can benefit you so much. Change all the bulbs in your house to energy-saving, just do it.

Don’t Leave Things On Standby

One of the biggest wastes of money is leaving things on standby. When you don’t turn something off completely, it’s still using a little bit of electricity. You see that red standby light on your TV? It still needs power to keep that light on. Don’t be lazy, turn all appliances off completely. If you stop leaving things on standby, I guarantee you’ll see a reduction in electricity bills.

Blog Uploaded: 17th August 2015


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