How to make Modak (Sweet Dumplings)


How to make Modak (Sweet Dumplings)


This rice flour dumpling is usually made around “Ganesh Chaturthi” as it is Ganesha’s favourite sweet. This recipe will make about 8 to 10 medium size modaks.

Step One

Add the Jaggery and coconut to a saucepan, allow the jaggery to melt and mix with the coconut and let the excess water dry out. Keep stirring constantly so that the mixture does not stick to the bottom of the pan. You can add some Ghee to ensure that it does not stick. When the mixture is sticky and not completely dry. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool down.

Step Two

Mix rice flour with hot water and make it into a nice hard dough.

Step Three

Roll out small rounds of the rice mixture.

Step Four

Place the Coconut-jaggery mixture in the middle.

Step Five

Pull all the edges together and pinch at the top so it becomes small airtight pouch.

Step Six

Place this pouches on a greased plate. Steam the plate for about 20 minutes.

Step Seven

The modaks are ready to enjoy now!


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