How to make Indian Sweet Khaaja


How to make Indian Sweet Khaaja


Khaaja (Kaja or Khaja) is an Indian sweet that is made from wheat flour, sugar syrup, and oil. It originates from Bihar, in northeast India. It is also called Madatha Kaja in Telugu.

Step One

Add half cup ghee and water to 4 cup flour and knead it into a soft dough.

Step Two

Heat the other half cup ghee in the microwave for a few seconds. Add the rest of the 1/2 cup maida with ghee and make a paste. Keep it aside.

Step Three

Make two big chapattis of the dough.

Step Four

Spread maida and ghee paste on one of them and put the second chapatti on the first one, add more of the paste.

Step Five

Start rolling both chapattis from one end so that one is layered inside the other.

Step Six

Now you've a long roll, cut this roll with a knife about one inch each. Keep all the pieces aside.

Step Seven

Take one piece at a time and press it a little sideways with your finger and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Step Eight

Deep fry the pieces in medium heat until they are golden brown.

Step Nine

Boil sugar in water and make a thick syrup. Add cardamom to the sugar syrup.

Step Ten

Dip the fried pieces one at a time in the syrup and take it out immediately.


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