How to make Tamagoyaki (Sweet Omelette)


How to make Tamagoyaki (Sweet Omelette)


These steps describe exactly how to make the traditional Japanese dish, Tamagoyaki, a rolled omelette type dish that’s slightly sweet and ideal for bento. Get started at step one below.

Step One

Heat up a pan. Use a frying pan, or a proper Tamagoyaki pan if you have one. Prepare a bowl of oil, and a brush or wad of cotton wool or kitchen paper.

Step Two

Brush the pan with a little oil. Beat all the ingredients together with a chopsticks or a fork. Do not use a whisk, you don't want the mixture to get foamy.

Step Three

Put about 2 to 3 tablespoons worth of egg mixture into the pan. Cook it gently (lower the heat if necessary) until it's not quite set on top, but not runny. Roll it up with a fork or chopsticks to one side of the pan.

Step Four

Put another couple of tablespoons of egg mixture in the pan. Spread it around, lifting the cooked egg so that the uncooked egg flows below it.

Step Five

Cook until this layer is almost set, then roll the whole egg to the opposite side of where it is.

Step Six

Brush the pan again with oil. Add another couple of tablespoons of egg mixture in the pan, and spread around the pan and under the cooked egg.

Step Seven

Keep repeating this procedure until the egg mixture is used up.

Step Eight

Put the tamagoyaki on a moistened sushi rolling mat, seam side down.

Step Nine

Roll it up tightly. If you are eating this right away you can take it out and serve immediately, but if you’re making this for an (o)bento, leave the whole roll in the mat over a raised rim plate or bowl until it’s cooled to room temperature. This allows air to pass under and over it, cooling it faster.

Step Ten

Slice with a sharp knife and enjoy.


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