Renewable Energy In The Home: What Are My Options?


Renewable Energy In The Home: What Are My Options?


We’re all slowly becoming aware of our impact on this planet. Building taller and going faster has sucked the natural resources from the earth. Worse, it’s pumped dangerous chemicals back into the atmosphere. Climate change is a very real threat, with the effects already taking hold in certain parts of the world. On a small level, it’s tricky to see how we can do our part. We’re all keen to help, but what small changes can we make? Changing a lightbulb for an energy efficient alternative seems like a drop in the ocean. Is there any point? If this sums up your feelings, perhaps it’s time for a bigger change. Perhaps it’s time to install renewable energy sources, and make a bigger contribution. Keep reading to find out how you can make this big change.

Solar power

Solar power tends to be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of renewable energy. It is often held up as the best alternative to our reliance on fossil fuels. But, its detractors say it is far from ready to replace traditional sources. We’ve seen the latest statistics on the new models, and we’re finally ready to recommend it as a home alternative. The technology is now sophisticated enough to produce more than enough energy for the entire home. The experts at Solar Saving UK told us that some owners are even selling excess energy back to the grid.

Wind power

Wind turbines are a controversial topic in environmentalism. Many local communities are still fiercely against their installation. Mostly on the grounds of noise and appearance. (Are they really louder or uglier than a power station??) However, a small home turbine is more than enough to cater for your energy needs. Best of all, it will help cut down on electricity bills. Hopefully, it shouldn’t trouble the neighbours either.

Solar and wind combo

There are, however, cons for both solar power and wind turbines. For one, they rely on a certain type of weather. That’s why we tend to recommend a combination of the two. You can now install combi-solutions that use both solar and wind technology. You’ll take advantage of the sun during the summer, while the wind turbine will take over during the winter.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use natural heat in the ground to warm your entire house up. It involves laying pipes deep underground to harness the natural warmth and energy in the earth. In turn, that heats the water in the pipes, before pumping it around your house. We often suggest using these in well insulated homes, where the pump will be most effective. The best thing about heat pumps is that little or no maintenance is required once they’re installed.


Biomass heaters have long been used to keep us warm, but they fell out of favour when gas and electricity made it much easier! Now, they’re making something of a comeback. In essence, it uses the waste from your home to produce heat and energy.

If you want to make a change, choose the system that will work most efficiently in your home. We’d love to hear from anyone with renewable solutions in their properties. Let us know what you use!

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