How to import Gmail to Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is a personal organizer that focuses mainly on email but also includes a calendar, task manager and content manager. Gmail is a product of Google, which focuses solely on email. If you want to combine these two programs, you must export your Gmail settings and import them into Microsoft Outlook. This task is simple using Outlook 2010.

Step One

Open your Gmail Settings and under the Account Forwarding tab, Enable POP. Save the settings and open You need to enabled POP3 inside your Gmails setting for Outlook to fetch your emails.

Step Two

While you are in Outlook, click the Setting icon in the upper right corner and choose More Mail Settings. Click “Sending/receiving email from other accounts” and then choose “Add an Email account”. Add your Gmail account to import your existing Gmail messages into Outlook (or Hotmail)

Step Three

If you are using a regular Gmail account, you can simple enter your Gmail address and Google account password to connect Hotmail and Gmail. If you are on Google Apps, click the Advanced option and enter your full email address ([email protected]) in the fieds – Email Address and POP3 user name. Set the incoming mail server as while the default port is 995.

Step Four

Enter your Gmail email address and password. If you have enabled 2-step verification in your Google account, generate an app-specific password here. One more thing. If you have enabled two-step verification in your Google Account, you need to create an application specific password and enter that in your Hotmail settings (and not your regular Google Account password).

Step Five

You can repeat the steps to add up to four different Gmail (or any other POP3) accounts to your account. Microsoft says that your account’s storage space will increase when required so am not sure if that should be a constraint anymore.


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