How to maintain a Healthy Liver?


How to maintain a Healthy Liver?


The liver is a vital organ needed to maintain various systemic functions. It has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion. The liver is necessary for survival and the following tips will help keep your liver healthy.

Step One

Limit consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is hepatotoxic and can cause liver damage.

Step Two

Lose weight. Obesity can cause fatty liver which causes liver cirrhosis and liver failure.

Step Three

Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking should be terminated, as it has been linked to the development of liver cancer.

Step Four

Get regular health check-ups, including liver function tests.

Step Five

Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

Step Six

Take no more than the recommended doses of medications.

Step Seven

Drink plenty of water and get regular, moderate exercise.


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