How To Make Your New Home Feel More Comfortable


How To Make Your New Home Feel More Comfortable

When you move into a new home, it can sometimes feel very sparse, even when you’ve moved in all of your old furniture. It’s especially pertinent if you’re upsizing, and all your earthly possessions still don’t fill the space into which you’ve moved. It takes time for it to feel homely and personal to you, but here are some suggestions for things you can do or pieces you can add to speed that process along.

Keep warm

If you move in the colder months, keep the whole house warm. You’re more likely to relax and settle into the surroundings you already have if you’re not shivering all the time.


Never underestimate how amazing it feels to put your feet up at the end of a long, hard day. One of two footstools in the living area take the place to the next level of comfort, and can also really help to tie the room together.

Good pillows

Never scrimp on something you sleep on, that’s my motto. It’s too important to a good night’s sleep that you’re comfortable. Throw out old, lumpy pillows, and replace them with lovely new fluffy ones. A good quality orthopaedic pillow will change your life, trust me.

Blog Posted: 5th December 2016.


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