Make Your Conservatory More Fabulous for Extra Enjoyment


Make Your Conservatory More Fabulous for Extra Enjoyment


Conservatories do not come cheap, so if you are lucky enough to have one, you will want to do all you can to make the most of your home extension. Sadly, so many people with conservatories only use them for a fraction of the year, and even then, you do not always make the most of them. This is such a shame, but it is something that can be rectified fairly easily.

Take a peek at these top tips to help you make the most of your conservatory:

Keep Your Conservatory Warm All Year Round

One of the main reasons that conservatories do not get used as much as they should is because they are simply too cold in the cooler months. This is something that is easily remedied.
For a quick fix, you could simply bring an electric heater into space, providing your conservatory is fitted with an electricity socket. Alternatively, if you are thinking more long term and you want to add value to your property, you could consider a lasting solution like a Guardian conservatory roof or something similar, that gets rid of your glass roof and replaces it with a solid roof that is warmer.

Invest in Comfy Furniture


Another issue that stops the average conservatory from being used to its full potential is the use of uncomfortable furniture. For some reason, we spend less time picking out furniture that both looks good and feels comfy in the conservatory than we do in the rest of the house. Perhaps, this is because we see it as more of an outdoor area than an indoor one, but really what does it matter? It’s still a decent space that we can use, and it deserves to be furnished with the things that will make it an enjoyable space to spend time.

Landscape Your Garden


A lot of people go to a lot of effort to ensure that their home and conservatory look great, but they do not bother to give the same level of attention to landscaping the garden. Since the conservatory is likely to be facing the garden, this can discourage its use. After all, no one wants to spend their evening looking at overgrown weeds and dirty paving stones!

By spending a little time cleaning your garden up, you can easily make your conservatory more appealing. Even just mowing the lawn and adding a few flower pots can make all the difference.

Invest in a Good Set of Blinds


Of course, it is not only the cold that keeps families from using their conservatory space, when the weather is very warm, conservatories can be like a furnace, and unless you fancy sweating it out for the evening, it wouldn’t be the ideal place to be.

Again, this is a problem that is easily remedied with the purchase of a high-quality set of conservatory blinds, which can be put into action whenever the weather gets too overwhelming.

Hopefully, this has given you the inspiration you need to spend more time in your conservatory, and more care on the extension itself. It will make for a happier home life and a more attractive property if you do.

Blog Posted: 24th January 2017.


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