Top Ways To Ensure You Buy A Trouble Free House


You might be surprised to know that a lot of people look back with regret when they buy a property.

They think that it’s a fantastic choice when they first go to see it. So they make an offer and go through with buying the property. But then when they run into problems with the home, they wish they had never bought the property in the first place. After all, some problems with roofs and boilers can end up costing a small fortune. And you might get into debt after paying out for issues with the property. However, you can stop yourself from making a big error when buying a property. In fact, here are some ways you can ensure you buy a trouble-free home.

Always go back for a second and third viewing

The first time we go to see a property, we tend to have red rimmed glasses on. After all, we are excited about seeing the house which could potentially be our permanent haunts. And we might look around focusing on things like the kitchen and the bedroom, rather than keeping an eye out for issues. Therefore, we might love the home and make an offer which we later regret in years to come. To stop this happening, you should always keep an eye out for issues like damp and pests which could cause you problems in the years to come.

Ask the owner or estate agent questions if you are unsure about anything in the home. After all, it might be historical damp you’ve spotted which is perfectly fine. But if it isn’t, you need to know now before making an offer. And if you look back and think that you didn’t properly look around the home on the first viewing, you should arrange with the estate agent to go back for a second or even a third visit.

Take along a wise family member or friend who can give you a second opinion. Also, it’s best to be sure that the property is worthwhile before you make a purchase you regret. Therefore, don’t feel bad about visiting the home several times before making an offer.

Get your conveyancing lawyer to look into the history of the home

When you decide to buy a property, you will need to get in touch with a conveyancing lawyer to help you through the moving process. After all, solicitors like Bannister Preston will do all the legal side to ensure the property gets moved into your name. And they will ensure there is nothing that will get you into legal trouble in years to come. But they could actually stop you from making an error too. Therefore, you should get them to look into the history of the home. They might be able to source the original documents and find out about any work that has occurred since. You can then look through these, and you might be able to spot things which could see you having to fork out a fortune in years to come. And getting them to look into the history of the home will allow you to find out how old the home is. After all, things like the roof need replacing every 20 to 25 years. Therefore, this might be something you need to pay out for soon if you are buying an older property.

Ask a surveyor to check out the property first

It’s so important that you get a surveyor to check out the property before you go any further with a sale. After all, you don’t want to complete and then find there are major problems with the roof or the structure of the home. Otherwise, you could have just spent £200,000 on a property which is full of issues! Therefore, you should contact a surveyor who will go to the home and check it all properly. They might be able to spot problems that you wouldn’t even think of searching for. And then they will compile a report to let you know about anything that is serious and needs fixing before you go any further. That way, you can inform the buyer and then they can either take it off the property price or will sort it so that you continue with the same offer!
And check when the current residents last did any maintenance to the house. After all, you don’t want to find there is an issue with the water boiler or the heating system as they haven’t been checked over for years. And whatever they come back with, make sure you don’t just take their word for it. You want proof so that you can feel secure in your purchase.


Blog Posted: 16th February 2017.


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