How to Brighten up Your Home at Night


It might seem counterproductive to brighten up your home when it’s nearly time for bed, but there are many reasons to do so and it’s actually more fun and more practical than you might think. If you’ve even driven through a neighbourhood at night and seen some houses illuminated by floodlights and diffused lighting around the home, the first thought that probably pops into your head is “Is that practical? How much does that actually cost?”.

Although it does cost quite a bit to run lights at night, if you pick the right bulbs you won’t be spending nearly as much as you would expect. With a couple of DIY tips and tricks, you could illuminate your home at night and create a wonderful atmosphere for the people inside your home and add a touch of personality to your property. Lighting up your home at night also has some security uses. Combined with CCTV cameras around your home or on the street, thieves are far less likely to attempt to break into your home with all those lights around to give them away. Although having lights around the outside of your home will paint yourself as a target, it also doubles as a deterrent.

So without further ado, here are a couple of tips on how to brighten up the outsides of your home for reasons that are practical, beautiful and also safe.

Garden Lights

Having a party in the garden at night has been somewhat forgotten. On warm summer nights when the sun is dimming and the heat is still blazing, having some outdoors lights will illuminate your home and brighten up the front and back yard of your property so that you can continue relaxing with your friends and enjoying your time together. Invite some guests, start up the grill and host a mini dinner party at night with the help of some LED lightings that will flood your garden with bright, translucent shades that are easy on the eyes.

Plant Lights

Installing some lights into the pots of plants is a great way to brighten up the view of your flowers at night. By pointing them upwards and using the correct bulbs, they diffuse into the darkness and create a wonderful glow that illuminates the plants and makes them stand out in the darkness. When people drive or walk past your home, they will be immediately attracted to the plant pots and marvel at how beautiful your entire home looks when it’s lit up by outdoor lights.

Large Windows

It doesn’t make much sense to talk about windows in an article about lighting, but there are a surprising number of ways to utilise large windows and indoor lighting to brighten up the outsides of your home. Don’t forget that windows let light through and if you have large panes of glass around your home as windows, any indoor lighting will bleed through and also brighten up the outsides. It can create a glow inside of your home that will highlight individual rooms, creating a beautiful atmosphere for people inside and outside of your home.


Blog Posted: 17th February 2017.


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