Household Tools You Never Knew You Needed


There are some tools that you would never want to be without. Things like your trusty lawnmower, hammer, and power drill can be real lifesavers when it comes to certain property maintenance and household work. But what about some of the more quirkier examples of tools and equipment that you see when you are shopping in your DIY store? Well, it could be worth paying good money for some of them. Here are a few household tools that you never knew you needed!

Thermal-Leak Detector

Water leaks are really easy to spot, as you will notice a pool of water close to the source. But have you ever thought about all the hot air that could be leaking out of your home? This may not sound like such a big deal, but when you see how much cash you could save by plugging all your thermal leaks, you might be very surprised! These handheld devices use infrared to measure the temperatures of your walls, ceilings, and windows. By doing this, it can instantly tell you if an area needs some improvements made to its insulation.

Pond Vacuum

If you have a garden pond, you will need to keep it clean so that it creates the perfect ecosystem for different wildlife. To do that, you can do that with a pond vacuum. When you clean your pond with one of these pond vacs, you will find that it is very easy to get rid of any sludge and organic debris from the bottom of the water. All you need to do is run the head of the vacuum along the bottom of the pond, and it will suck up all manner of dirt. And you won’t have to get your hands dirty!

Drill Guide

Do you struggle using your drill? This is one of the main problem amateur DIYers have, and they often find that they can’t hold the drill straight while trying to bore a hole. If you have a job that requires perfectly straight holes, you can get a drill guide to help you out. You just need to put the drill into the guide, and then you can prop up the guide against the surface you need to drill. This will ensure you get a straight hole every time!


Woodwork Sprayer

The best way you can get a great paint coating on any kind of woodwork is to spray it with a specialist woodwork sprayer. It’s a quick way to apply a coating of paint and is one way you can make sure there are no brush strokes in the finished layer of paint. If you have been considering getting some new cabinet doors, then you will save a lot of money by simply repainting them rather than just buying new ones. The only disadvantage of using a paint sprayer is that it takes a bit of time to clean them after use. But, thankfully, the advantages outweigh that disadvantage!

Looks like you might have to do some shopping at your nearest DIY store this weekend!

Blog Posted: 6th April 2017


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