How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before You Sell It


When it comes to selling your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the biggest return on investment, and quickly. Some wrongly assume this means knocking down walls, updating kitchens and building extensions, but instead, there are a few much simpler jobs you can do that’ll add value to your property and ensure a quick sale.

  1. Give Your Home a Fresh Lick of Paint

To add to the spacious, airy feel of your home, rejuvenate your walls with some neutral paint. This won’t just make your property feel clean and tidy, but it’ll also enable prospective buyers to visualise how they’ll make the space their own. When there are gaudy wallpapers or bright paints on the walls, these aren’t to everyone’s taste, which can put some buyers off. Neutral colours mean a buyer can move in quickly without having to decorate straight away.

  1. Use Online Estate Agents

Unlike traditional estate agents, online estate agents often offer fixed-price fees that you pay upfront, meaning you aren’t hit with any hefty bills at the end of your sale (often for a percentage of the property price). Whilst this won’t add value to your home, per se, it will help you get more for your money as you aren’t paying the estate agent once your sale completes.

  1. Do Those Outstanding DIY Jobs

Now’s the perfect time to make those necessary minor repairs, such as repairing cracked tiles, fixing broken doors, filling holes in walls and getting rid of threadbare or torn carpets. Doing this will, again, make buyers feel as though they can move straight in without having to do anything.

Once these jobs are done, clean your home from top to bottom until it sparkles. Get rid of any nasty odours (e.g. smoke or pets), clean tile grout, wax wooden surfaces and remove any limescale. This will add to your home’s appeal.

  1. Update Your Kitchen

OK, we’ve said you don’t need to buy a new kitchen, but there’s nothing stopping you from updating it (for a small cost). Instead of installing entirely new cabinetry, why not resurface it or paint the doors in a neutral, modern colour? Even though countertops are expensive, if replacing them will give your kitchen a new lease of life, it could be worth doing.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why most of your attention should be focused here. Give it a good clean and declutter it like you have the rest of the house.

  1. Showing People Around the Property

Finally, if you’re not confident you’ll be able to ‘sell’ your home to prospective buyers, why not let your estate agent do it for you? They know how to highlight your property’s best features and exactly what to say to people, even when they ask awkward questions like, “What are your neighbours like?”

To get the best value from your property, all it takes is some savvy planning, a few necessary DIY jobs and a good estate agent. Taking the time to prepare your home won’t just help sell your home quickly but could add thousands to its value.


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