How to Create a Vintage Bedroom Style


Do you want to create a beautiful bedroom that is reminiscent of the 20th century and beyond? If so, we have some helpful tips to help you create vintage style bedroom, which you will love to retire to night after night.

Pick an Era

Have you thought about the era you want to recreate in your bedroom’s interior design? Picking and sticking to a specific era will help you create an authentic vintage style, such as Edwardian or art deco.

Vintage Furniture

Of course, the best way to create a vintage look is by incorporating beautiful furniture into your interior design. Choose key pieces that will bring a style to life in your bedroom, such as an Edwardian leather armchair, industrial antique safe or early 20th-century sideboard. Discover beautiful furniture pieces from Kernow Furniture.

The DécorComplement vintage furniture by creating a feature wall in your bedroom using original wallpaper. Try to select popular colors from your chosen time period, which will also complement modern style, such as teal, mustard yellow or burnt orange. As a result, you can create an authentic vintage style that would still look fantastic on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Authentic Lighting

Modern lighting will only detract from the authenticity of a vintage look. Bring the interior design to life by adding key pieces that will add to the romance and drama of your chosen time period. For instance, pick a wall lamp with a beautiful floral shade to recreate an art deco style, or a Tilley lamp that is synonymous with the early 20th-century.

Pick a Focal Point

Create a focal point in a room by incorporating a jaw-dropping feature that will add to the beauty of your bedroom. For instance, you could add a stunning antique mannequin that will look perfect surrounded by historical furniture, color schemes and lighting. You can also hang pretty jewellery from your chosen era onto the mannequin, which will have the wow factor.

Keep it Comfortable

Every vintage style bedroom must focus on the comfort factor. Think crisp sheets, lace-trimmed pillowcases and, of course, thick eiderdowns. Not only will it create an authentic look, but it will ensure you create an inviting room and provide a fantastic night’s sleep. Select complementary hues and beautiful fabrics that you will love to curl up into each night.

Create a Vintage Gallery

Showcase the beauty and grandeur of your chosen era by creating a stunning vintage gallery on your wall. It’s the perfect way to embrace the splendor of a time, as you can incorporate old photographs, advertisements and pictures that will become a unique focal point in the bedroom.

Ornate Storage

No vintage bedroom would be complete without ornate storage. For instance, you could add a French-style console table to create an authentic looking country or farmhouse bedroom, which will complement your vintage design. You can also pick an industrial trunk, 1930s dressing table or a galvanised log bin.

Have you created a vintage bedroom? Share your tips by writing a comment.


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