How To Buy A Cheap House and DIY It Into A Mansion


You may think that nothing comes cheap these days, and looking for an inexpensive house may be next to impossible. However, you can find any cheap-looking home and turn it into a luxurious property.

Looking for cheap houses

One of the factors that you need to look into is the location of the property. Analysts say that you can find the cheapest homes in Detroit, with a median home that is priced below $35,000. Meanwhile, foreclosed properties may be bought at affordable rates, which any prospective homeowner may want to consider.

Here are some of the places in the U.S. that are known for affordable housing options:

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Augusto, Georgia
  • Toledo, Ohio

How To Turn Your Inexpensive House Into A Mansion

First off, finding an inexpensive house shouldn’t be based solely on the actual cost of the house. You should also consider its proximity to workplaces, schools, shopping centers, parks, and public transport stops. It is impractical to buy a house that requires you to travel for hours just to get to places that are important to you.

Once you have found the perfect house, you can spruce it up a bit and let your creative mind do the work.

Here are a few tips on how you can convert the simple property into a luxurious place of residence:

  1. Think of how you would want your house to look. Would you like a Mediterranean look or a contemporary vibe? Choose pieces that can make your house exude elegance and match them with the overall design of the house.
  2. Get rid of the old painting and give it a fresh coat of paint to liven the whole place.
  3. Make it look a bit more expensive by adding baseboards or crown moldings to create an illusion of having a high ceiling.
  4. Some flooring surfaces may make the whole house look dated. Change it into a simple but elegant design to give it a facelift.
  5. You don’t need to use expensive tiles. Just scout around different tile centers that offer surprisingly cheap but beautiful floor tiles. In addition, use a simple tiling calculator to help you determine the number of tiles that you will need.
  6. Your decors need not be expensive. Feel free to visit thrift stores! Just make sure that you clean brass pieces very well to let the natural color and shine come out.
  7. You may observe an “unpleasant view” on a certain part of the house. What you can do is to make a beautiful window treatment to get rid of the unsightly vision.
  8. If the house isn’t big, make use of the existing space wisely. Instead of cramping plants on the side of sofas, try placing them on the back of the sofa instead. It creates a bigger space and a cleaner look.
  9. Revamp boring doors by adding a bold paint, chic hardware, and wood trim.
  10. Don’t worry about damaging the existing blind bases. Use elegant curtains to hide vertical blinds.
  11. If the grout on the bathroom floors looks grimy, give it a makeover by coating it with ordinary candle wax.
  12. Replace old or broken light bulbs. Choose light fixtures that can draw anyone’s attention once they step into your home. Make sure that the size is just enough and would not make your space look smaller. Adding pin lights in the living room can also add a little drama at night.

You can make anything look expensive at just a fraction of the cost when you know which pieces to put together. By channeling your creative mind, the possibilities of making your house look pricey is practically endless.


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