Easy Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself


‘Do It Yourself’ is already considered one of the best ways to save money, as you are skipping the costs that are associated with hiring the experts. However, if you spend your money on tasks that require expensive materials and costly techniques, you will find that your DIY projects are making a much bigger hole in your bank account than you anticipated. Keeping that in mind, read on for some budget DIY suggestions.

Make your own art – There is no denying that wall art adds personality, colour, and intrigue to a room. Adding a piece of art to a room is something which can instantly revitalise the entire appearance and feel. After all, there is nothing which is more expressive than a picture or a painting. So much personality, life, colour, and the story is combined in that one little piece of art – it is actually quite remarkable. Instead of spending a chunk of cash on someone else’s work, why not create your own? Typographic art is exceptionally popular at present, so all you really need is a canvas and a stencil. Alternatively, you can use gold or silver thumbtacks and pierce them through the canvas in a unique pattern or make an initial. Another option is to buy a collection of frames and make your own unique collage of family photographs and memories. Or, why not paint your own wildlife painting? Wildlife paintings are not just for those who are animal lovers. There are lots of different takes on concepts when it comes to art – nothing is black and white, that is for sure! Plus, you have the full artistic license when creating your own painting. Wildlife paintings tell stories which are believable and they easily create the desired vibe you are looking for. Depending on the picture you go for you can create lots of different layers of character. For instance, an animal wondering in unknown surroundings can create an air of mystery and farm yard animals have something about them which are very British and traditional. Therefore you can really capture the entire feel of the room in one mere picture.

Upgrade an old cabinet or desk with gift wrap – All you need for this project is a piece of furniture, of course, and some gift wrap, clear craft glue, and a brush to spread the glue with. The craft glue is important, as it will ensure the paper does not budge from the furniture. You don’t only want to put the glue underneath the gift wrap, but make sure you give it a few top coats as well. One thing you need to make certain you do is plan out the way you want to design your wrapping paper around the furniture before you do so, otherwise, you’ll have the gift wrap going in contrasting directions, which will spoil the overall look.   

Use old necklaces to make tiebacks for your curtains – If you have any gemstone necklaces that you don’t wear anymore, you should consider using them as curtain tiebacks. This will create a chic and glamorous feel in the room in question, and is something that is assured to generate compliments from anyone that visits your home.

Reupholster your chairs – You will save a considerable amount of cash by reupholstering your chairs as opposed to buying new ones. And, by the time you are finished, they will look brand new anyway. All you need is some fabric and a small amount of paint for the legs.

Make your own seat pads – Do you have wooden chairs in your dining room? When it comes to your dining room, the main feature in the area is likely to be your table and set of chairs. Therefore, when giving the room a bit of an update, these are the furniture pieces you should be concerning yourself with. This does not mean you have to change them. It merely means that whatever you change or add to the room should be focused around this area, a nice table centrepiece, for example. One great idea you should consider when it comes to the dining room is the possibility of adding seat pads to your chairs. Not only do these look fantastic and present you with the opportunity to add style to the room, but they are also extremely comfortable as well – what more could you want? If you already have cushion pads on your chairs, then simply changing the covers is a great way to give off a new vibe and mood in the room. You don’t need to purchase them – you can make your own! You should consider the prospect of making two different types of seat pads and alternating the style from seat to seat. For instance, you could opt for a light purple silk seat pad and a dark purple silk seat pad, and then the seats would go; light, dark, light, dark, light, dark. Alternatively, you could go for one seat pad which is just a block colour and another seat pad which boasts a pattern. However, this is something which works best in simplistic dining rooms otherwise it is likely that it will look like there is too much going on.

Lace touches – From tablecloths to curtains, lace is a material you should definitely embrace over the coming months. This elegant and delicate material will bring a wealth of beauty to your home. Lace can instantly make a room look classier and more feminine. Moreover, this material that works all year long. In the warmer months, it is a welcomed alternative when compared with the heavier fabrics that will have been used throughout the winter period. In the winter, it looks lovely against these heavy fabrics.

Create a rug out of pompoms – For this project; you need some wool yarn, toilet paper rolls, a non-stick rug mat, and scissors. These rugs work particularly well in kids’ bedrooms. However, as you are in complete control over the colours, shape, size, and design, there is no limit to where they can be placed. So, how do you create the rug? Begin by wrapping the yarn around both of the toilet paper rolls. Keep going until you’re satisfied with the size of the ball. A lot of people opt for differently sized pompoms, so there are no hard and fast rules about this. After this, you will need another piece of string, which must be wrapped around the whole thing, so make sure you weave it through the middle of both of the toilet rolls. Tie this, and then pull the rolls out. Once the rolls are out, tie it tighter and make a knot. All you need to do is snip around the loops of yarn and you’ll create a pompom effect. When you’re done, tie them all to the rug, using the long piece of string that was left when you tied a knot after removing the rolls.

Paint your front door – Why not paint your front door a vibrant and welcoming shade? The front door is an aspect of a property so many people overlook. However, this is something all guests are going to notice, and thus it sets the tone for the rest of your home. You will be surprised by how much of an impact a revamped door can have on the rest of your property.

Do some flower arranging – What better way to bring the feeling of happiness to your home than with fresh flowers? Not only will flowers bring colour and life to your room, but they will also provide a stunning scent as well. There are so many different forms of inspiration regarding flower arranging online. Simply using the likes of Instagram and Pinterest can assist.

Coat the inside of an old lampshade with glitter – Last but not least, if you have your sights set on one of the striking and sparkling lights that are available in home stores, you can recreate a similar effect with an old lampshade. All you need to do is coat the inside of it with glitter. When the light is turned on, it will look stunning, as the light will reflect against the glitter to create a gorgeous sparkle.

So there you have it: plenty of different home improvement projects you can embark on without spending a lot of cash. If you follow the suggestions mentioned above, not only can you make your home look new and exciting but you will have a lot of fun in the process too.



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