DIY Jobs for Rented Properties


Over the past decade, the proportion of British renters has increased. In 2017, this was the living situation of 20% of UK households. Within the next two years, this is predicted to rise by 5% – so for many, the future could be rent-focussed.

For most people, this is a flexible option. Specialists like Andrews & Partners can simplify the process of securing a property. This might also explain its popularity.

Though it may be a temporary solution, residents can still personalise rented accommodation. DIY can be particularly useful for this.

Here are three ways to modify your living space.

Fixture Updates

Do you have a store of kitchen hardware? Perhaps some cabinet handles that you’ve kept for a long time? In either case, why not upcycle these pieces? This is where owners transform long-held objects to heighten their value.

For this, you simply need to plan a day for DIY. As it predominantly focuses on knobs and handles, this isn’t an intense tack. You can enjoy a relatively laid-back repair session.

Once this is done, you can your own odds and ends to permanent fixtures. In doing so, you’ll be able to inject more of your personality into your home.

When the time comes to move, you can easily replace these with the original items. Therefore, this is a reversible – albeit meaningful – home update.

Extra Space

Is there limited room for creativity at yours? Storage may hold the solution. Spacious flat-pack wardrobes, for example, can hold multiple items and declutter rooms. Even better, this is your investment; you can decorate it anyway you like.

This kind of furniture also provides a straightforward DIY activity. Assembling flat-pack products can be immensely satisfying, too.

Look for items with visual appeal, and you can tailor your home to you. You’ll also be able to create more space for floor ornaments and sentimental décor – and further enhance your influence as a result.

Outdoor Appeal

Through gardens, house renters can strengthen the overall personal appeal of their abode. In fact, many tenancy agreements require regular maintenance of this area from occupants anyway.

You could, therefore, combine this duty with a fun outdoor DIY activity – one that’s perfect for summer days.

If your tenancy duration spans seasons – or even years – you might want to plant flowers and vegetables in available patches. For an easier way to brighten your outdoor area, place various plant pots within it.

Outdoor appeal isn’t just helpful for pleasing guests – it could very well influence how you feel about your home, too.

A rented property can allow scope for creativity. To create your ideal interior – and exterior – you just need to know how to make the most of its spaces and furniture. With this tipes, you could achieve this.


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