Get your Gazebo ready for the festival season


Gazebo – Festival Preparation

Gazebos will prepare you for the festival season as long as the last time you packed it away you made sure it was clean and dry. 

Before you plan your festival, get your gazebo out on the ground and check it carefully for dirt, holes and any damage. Then count all the pieces to ensure they’re all there when you erect the gazebo. Preparation allows you the time to fix issues before you need the gazebo for the first time. Once you’ve checked your gazebo and cleaned it, carefully fold it up ready for festival action.

Gazebo – Festival Restrictions

Gazebos are a colourful part of the festival season.
Before you get too excited always check whether the festival venue will allow personal Gazebo’s. Some festivals may not allow gazebo’s this summer and any high structure will be removed by the venue staff. So do ensure you check first with the venue, well in advance rather than take your gazebo to the festival and be disappointed on the day.

Gazebo – Erecting a Festival Gazebo 

When erecting the gazebo never do this alone, preferably do it with three or four people as raising the top section is always tricky and much easier when you have help at hand. Some gazebos suggest that they can be erected within 10 to 15 minutes, if that is the case for yours, we suggest that you check you have all the pieces to hand, and they are all made from substantial materials.

The most popular festival gazebos are metal framed and have an interlocking metal framework within the top section. These are easy to erect and hold the roof covering firmly when the waterproof cover is attached. 

For festivals we would always advise sides are available on your gazebo which helps against heavy rain. This will also give a level of privacy dependent on the festival itself. Often Festival gazebo users also have flags so that you can identify where you are on a festival site. 

There are many accessories that you can add to your festival gazebo to personalise them, including colourful sides. Then there is gazebo furniture, tables etc. the list goes on and on. Be choosy as you must carry it all to the site.

Winbar clips are really useful and cheap to help keep the sections together. The next step is lighting and there are many types of battery lighting that you can use and turn your gazebo into a party tent.

Gazebo – Damage repair

If you find small holes in the roof canopy, then a bike tyre puncture repair kit comes in handy as this fixes all small holes and makes them water tight again. You can get these kits from Poundland and they do the job perfectly. We also suggest you carry one of these small kits with you in case of irritating dips from the gazebo canopy whilst at a festival. If the coverings are stained or ingrain dirt then use upholstery cleaning to bring them back to new.

Gazebo – Which Festival Gazebo do I choose?

With gazebos the principle is the same as when buying any type of canvas covering, the quality you get is reflected in the price that you pay. For awful weather, a gazebo with a strong rigid structure it’s possible to pay up to £1000 which will give you both an elegant and flamboyant festival gazebo with lots of space. If you wish to pay less than £500 then the structure will be simpler, and the coverings may also be of a lower quality. If you purchase something which is less than £250 then expect the coverings to have more of a plastic feel and be flimsier in nature. A really basic festival gazebo can be 2 m x 2 m, and these can be purchased as low as £80 in some instances less than £60 but note these tend not to have any sides and usually have plastic tubing for the supports rather than metal. If you’re looking for something more flamboyant then there are many bright coloured gazebos out there. You can always purchase a festival gazebo from eBay but if you do ensure that the quality that you receive is the same as the photograph. Not everyone folds away their gazebo in a dry and clean condition at the end of the festival.


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