Turning Your Child’s Bedroom to a Teenager’s Bedroom


Your child has turned 13, has moved to secondary school and is already complaining about the amount of homework.
And now he/she has outgrown not only their clothes but also their bedroom.

Just like clothes which are personal and reflect our personality, so does the personal space within the 4 walls of our bedroom. The choices of our teenager may not be the same as ours, so calm and tactful suggestions are good to talk through.

Before making dramatic changes to their bedroom, work with your teenager to discuss what their needs are now and what they will require in the near future. Doing this will encourage your teenager to work together with you to transform their bedroom as well as allowing them to be creative – sticking within your budget!

Multi-Purpose Bedroom

Teenager’s generally want more independence and freedom to choose their personal space than younger children.

So, you need to think how to make their bedroom a calm peaceful environment, yet still a fully functional space, according to their needs.

For example :-

  • Study space 
  • Storage space
  • A chilled and calm environment

Don’t think they need a large bedroom to create these spaces, because the items placed in the room can be multi-purpose and functional.

For example – A desk doesn’t need to be an eyesore – it can be both a place to study and also used for essential storage.

Their bed to sleep on can also be combined with storage. Have you ever considered a small double divan bed? You can find a range of small double divan beds at The Sleep Station. They include a solid fixed base with easy access to storage under the bed and mattress, practical for bedrooms where space is limited. 

Make use of the four walls

Now your child is a teenager, they are more than likely toexperience a growth spurt at some point, if they haven’t already. Why not add multiple shelves to the walls? Even if they can’t quite reach thetop shelves, they can be used to home anything decorative!

Get them to have a good think about the colours which they would like on the walls. They may change their mind again in the near future, so consider going for lighter colours which will not only give the room a fresh finish, but can be painted over easily if needed.


Creating levels in the bedroom design adds texture and allows for multiple uses. 

The photo above shows how using multiple levels of just one wall can allow the room to remain spacious and minimal. Levels can be used for extra seating when friends come around, for shelving or for combining with a desk. 

See how the bed is higher than the usual height, this allows for more seating. Leaving plenty of room for entertaining friends.

The idea is to make the floor space as clear as possible. This can then be used for a number of purposes, such as:

– Friends sleeping over
– Exercising
– School projects

They will have the space they need readily available, without having to move any of their possessions. Working together with your teen will be rewarding for you both, as you create a personalised and unique space they will love and want to spend time in for the next stage of their life!


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