6 DIY Graduation Gift Ideas


Graduations are special and a milestone worth celebrating. Show some love to the graduates you know by giving them something special. Do not just give any gift. To save money and add a touch of personalization to your present, it would be best to consider giving DIY graduation gifts. Check out some graduation gift ideas on Shutterfly for inspiration. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can easily recreate them on your own.

1. Charm Bracelet

For girls who want to be always fashionable, this will make a great idea for a grad gift. Making a charm bracelet is easy, even if it might seem initially intimidating. You need to be as creative as possible with the charms that will be used, making sure that the end result will be something special for the recipient.

2. Photo Collage

By simply browsing the graduate’s social media accounts, you can find a couple of photos that can be used in a collage. This can be a functional gift since it can be used as a decorative piece, especially for those who are moving to a college dorm. Use photos with family and friends to minimize loneliness from living in a dorm room. If you are not crafty, you can check out Shutterfly.com and see how they can help.

3. Wall Art

You do not need to be an artist to create wall art. It does not have to be a masterpiece. What is important is that you exert effort to make the wall art look as good as possible. You can create a motivational poster that can be hung up in their dorm room. This will provide the recipient with some motivation.

4. Gourmet Cookies

Looking for a gift for someone who is about to graduate and who loves food? If you are into baking, gourmet cookies are an excellent gift idea. They’re practical since they’re edible, and they won’t be one of those gifts that will be left untouched. For presentability, package them in a mason jar and add a personalized card.

5. Patterned Notebook

If there is one thing that graduates will need, it is a notebook. So a DIY patterned notebook can be another great DIY gift idea. You can start by purchasing a notebook with a blank cover, which will serve as your canvas. You can draw whatever you want on the cover to make it look better compared to traditional notebooks – or you can let your grad have free rein with the cover design.

6. Hand-Painted Phone Case

Break away from ordinary phone cases and give graduates something special. If you have the hands of an artist or a creative mind, you can easily paint or customize a phone case and make it look better than its original design. More than offering just protection for their phone, they will also be happy knowing that their case is unlike any other.

Even without the luxury of financial resources, you can give someone a graduation gift that is sure to be appreciated. Take note of our suggestions above for some presents that are guaranteed to make a graduate happy!



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