How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale


If you are putting your home on the market soon, you will probably be hoping that it will sell as fast as possible and for the price that you are asking. It is important to ensure that you create a good impression and turn your home into one that buyers want.

People usually decide on a home since it creates the impression of a lifestyle that they aspire to. It can really help to use this to your advantage when staging your home.

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Here are a few tips for setting the stage with some amazing tips on how to properly home stage your house.

Exterior First

The exterior is the first thing that potential buyers seen when they arrive outside your home. Many people actually drive by a home first before they even consider viewing. It is thus important to ensure that the exterior makes the right impression to lure potential buyers into contacting an estate agent. Below are some of the tips on what you should look out for:

–           Plan some blooming flowers or fresh greenery

–           Power wash the paths outside

–           If needed, repaint the exterior walls

–           Wash the front windows

–           Make sure that the flower beds are weeded and the garden is cut 

Clean the Home

If potential buyers decide to visit the property, you will have to ensure that the house is as clean as possible. So, scrub the kitchen tops, shine the floors, and make the house sparkle. You can even consider hiring professionals to do this.


Make sure that all floors are cleaned and carpets steam cleaned before viewings. If you have wood floors, don’t forget to refinish them in case they are worse for wear. A rug that’s placed strategically also works in emergency situations.


One of the most off-putting things for potential buyers is not being able to picture themselves in the home. Clutter is usually the reason why people have a hard time picturing themselves moving into a space. It is usually advisable to remove family photos along with other personal items since they can easily put off buyers a little. So, clear away all the unnecessary items, create space, and make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.


If your paint requires a bit of a touch up, it is important to avoid using wacky or garish colours. Instead, choose attractive, sophisticated, and rich colours that are unlikely to side-line opinions.

Clean but Lived In

The secret to making your home look appealing to potential buyers is to ensure that you strike a balance between a home that’s clean and one that’s lived in and has some personality to it. Buyers want a clean and clear space. However, the inclusion of flowers, a basketful of fresh produce or the smell of homemade bread can do wonders when it comes to creating a balance.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is typically the hub of the home and should be the crown jewel when it comes to staging your home. The first thing should always be to make sure that your kitchen is spotlessly clean from top to bottom and that there aren’t any odours. Other important things to consider in the kitchen include:

–           Shining faucets

–           Organized cabinets

–           A fresh coat of paint

–           Clean windows

–           Removing any old soaps or sponges and replacing them with new ones

–           Adding a fruit bowl

–           Adding new tea towels

–           Putting your cookbooks on display

–           Adding a shiny retro kettle to the stove top

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be something attractive to buyers of both gender, which is why it is important to ensure that you are not too gender-specific when it comes to furnishings. In addition, try painting the walls a neutral colour and use items that help complement the décor along with that neutral colour scheme.

Dining Room

Dining rooms may seem a bit uninviting and empty at time, which is why it is so important to style them up with bits of touches. You can make your dining room seem more attractive if you add vessels and some flowers to the centre of the table.


A fireplace or some form of electric or gas fire can be a big draw to potential buyers depending on the time of the year you are selling the property. Fires have the ability to create warmth and can be very attractive to people that come to view your property.


When it comes to furniture, the most attractive furniture arrangements are the symmetrical ones. Using furniture to create conversation areas in the centre of the room as opposed to leaving them against the wall is an excellent idea and makes the property appear homelier to potential buyers.

Closet Space

Potential buyers want to see that they can live in a home and also fit all their belongings. The best way to do this is to make sure that your closet and wardrobe space is organized and showcases the amount of room in the house. Ideally, you should aim for about a third of your closet to be empty thus giving the appearance of an abundance of space.

Children’s Rooms

In case your house has children’s bedrooms, you should consider showcasing an organized children’s room where most of the toys are tucked away or even in storage in the meantime. If you are able to show that it is possible to have a tidy and organized children’s room, it usually helps a lot.

Spare Rooms

The vast majority of people love throwing excess clutter into spare rooms. Before potential buyers come for a viewing, clear out your spare rooms and turn them into rooms with a purpose. Perhaps it can work well as a spare bedroom, home office, or workout space. Turning a room that’s full of junk into one that has a real use helps show its potential and may generate a massive return.


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