How To Change A Broken Tap Yourself?


Do you know how to change a broken tap yourself? Most people would think about hiring a plumber to get the job done in a fast manner. It is not a bad thing to hire a professional but you can save some money if you know how to change a broken tap yourself.  Fixing a broken tap can really save you a significant amount of wasted water. It is natural that if you suddenly see that the handle of a tap comes away in your hand when you try to twist it, you will feel panicked. However, it is not so difficult to change a broken tap all by yourself. You just need to follow some specific steps and you will get over the problem without having to call for professional assistance.

Proper preparation

The first thing you should do is gather all the necessary equipment. Get the replacement parts in the right sizes, grab some kind of wrench, a screwdriver and penetrating oil. You can easily find some cheap kitchen taps online. After you have gathered everything together, you need to clean the area of work, as well the area around the sink. Do not forget to turn off the supply of water. You may even find an isolation valve that will cut off the circulation of water towards the specific tap you will be working on.

Remove the head gear

With the use of a screwdriver, you should try and remove the cap of the handle. This will reveal a screw underneath that holds the handle and the head gear together in place. That needs to be removed, as well. The existing tap will be stiff and you will naturally find some difficulty in turning it around with a wrench. For this reason, you need to apply some penetrating oil to the joint and let it loosen up. Use an adjustable wrench to twist the nut anti-clockwise so that you can totally remove it.

Place the new tap

Before you place the new head gear in place, you should clean away any remnants with an old cloth. You should also, check thoroughly the washers in the recess for any signs of damage and replace those that seem a bit damaged or worn out. Now, it is time that the new head gear is put into place. You could try and twist it a bit with your hand at first, but afterward, you need to tighten it properly with a wrench. Then, put the handle on top of it and use the screw to properly secure it in place. Finally, press the cap into place, as well.

Clean everything up

After you have finished with the whole replacement process, you need to clean everything up and discard all of the removed components. It is also, important to clean the base of the taps in order to remove any traces of oil or other remnants. You can then, turn the water supply on and watch carefully to ensure that everything works accordingly.

Nowadays, it is really important to have some basic knowledge about fixing things in our house without the need to call a professional. When you seek professional help, you may need to wait for their arrival and pay money to get the job done. Changing a broken tap in our kitchen is not difficult. All of us can actually replace a tap all by ourselves if we follow the simple steps mentioned above. We should always remember that taking some basic precaution measures is vital to our own safety, as well as for the happy ending of the whole procedure.


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