How to make an entrance door more secure


Perhaps your neighbour’s house has been recently burgled and it made you rethink about your own security. Or maybe you simply want to know the best ways to make your home burglar-proof in order to keep your loved ones and belongings safe. There are some essential tips to make your home safe and your entrance door as secure as possible.

  1. Review your current door security.

When reviewing your current door security, you should consider if your door lock will be easy to pick and, in case you have an old door, if the door itself will be easy to kick in. Do you have glass panels on doors? If you do, maybe you should consider replacing it with laminated glass which is stronger.

Do you simply have a normal door lock and nothing else to further secure your front door? Every home should have a few security methods in place to provide a certain amount of security and safety. As mentions: “homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Good window locks and strong deadlocks can make a big difference.”

  1. Don’t forget to lock your door.

You might be late to work and completely forgot to lock your doors. This will give thieves easy access to your front door without any trouble. Always double-check if you’ve locked patio doors, windows, garage doors and front doors.

According to a report by Money Supermarket, the majority of burglars (74%) enter through the front door. Thus, your entrance door should be the most secure part of your home. This said, don’t turn a blind eye to your windows and patio doors. Any windows and doors that can be easily reached or can be seen as burglar entry points should be secured

  1. Invest in premium door hardware.

Have you had the same door locks for years? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your locks. Ironmongery Experts, an ironmongery and security products supplier, published a guide on how to secure front doors in which they mention that is highly important to have good quality door hardware, including door handles, hinges, locks and bolts.

It’s important to choose the right door lock for your entrance door. It’s recommended to contact a qualified locksmith to ensure that your entrance door lock meets the British Standards and your insurance policy standards while offering you high security. Standard wooden entrance doors should have a minimum of two door locks, a five-lever British Standard lock and a night latch, for example.

  1. Consider secondary security methods.

Door chains, peepholes and bolts can be highly valuable for your overall home security. Door chains help prevent unwanted guests and strangers from gaining access to your property while peepholes or door viewers allow you to see who is standing outside your property without having to open the door. If you are not sure of who is outside and you don’t have a peephole, remember to peak through a window or even the letter plate, if need be.

There are various bolts that can be installed on front doors to add an extra layer of protection, including barrel bolts, flush bolts, mortice bolts and more. These can be operated with a simple slide function or by using a thumb turn handle or key.

Don’t forget your letterbox. An article on the Metropolitan Police website advises fitting a guard on the rear of the door to prevent someone from reaching in to grab nearby items or keys.

  1. Monitor your front door.

You can either monitor your property with security cameras, burglar alarms or both. Having security cameras outdoors and indoors will ensure that you have another pair of eyes at home and having security alarms can deter a burglar from entering a home. Security cameras will give you the peace of mind and some more modern systems will allow you to check on your home while you’re away. Some security systems can also notify the police in case of a break-in and help identify criminals with the recorded video footage.

  1. Light the way.

Outdoor lighting is also very important. It’s recommended to have a light with a motion sensor on your front door, this will help turn away uninvited guests and will help you see any strangers lurking in the dark near your property.

  1. When on holiday.

As an article on the Independent mentions, it’s important to make it appear as if you are home even while on holiday. For this, you should:

  • Set timers to turn on your lights and television at night.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to collect your mail and to open and close curtains around the house

Securing your home and your loved ones should be your number one priority. Make sure to follow our tips and methods on how to make your front door burglar-proof.


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