PVCu or uPVC? – All You Need to Know About PVCu


Home improvement is a big business, and it’s not common that a homeowner will want to renovate and change their property. But first, you need to understand the materials used.


The ‘PVC’ in PVCu stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. This common type of plastic is used in the manufacturing of consumer goods. It is lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, and robust. The regular PVC used to be softened for use in the production of those goods, which takes us to the second part of the abbreviation. The ‘u’ stands for un-plasticized i.e. the plastic is not softened and therefore it retains its strength.

The Difference Between PVCu and uPVC

To improve our knowledge about the home improvement industry, we need to understand it in a better manner. What better way to do so than gathering some extra knowledge about it? When we talk about PVC, there is a common confusion between the two terms: PVCu and uPVC. Companies often use the term PVCu while promoting home improvement goods but uPVC is also used as an alternative.

The debate on this comparison can be cut short with one simple statement. There is no difference between the two terms. Yes, they are absolutely the same thing. In the 1980s, to fall in line with Europe (as they usually place the nouns before the adjectives), the name uPVC was changed to PVCu.

Benefits of Using PVCu for Windows and Doors

Now that it is established that both terms mean the same, we can talk about the benefits by using the more commonly used term i.e. PVCu. PVCu is a great material to be used for consumer goods and it is ideal for windows and doors.

Following are a few benefits of using PVCu for windows and doors:

Cost-Effectiveness Factor

Cost-effectiveness is one of the greatest benefits of using PVCu for windows and doors. Most people opt for materials that are convenient, reasonable, and affordable for them. PVCu makes for a perfect choice when looking at the monetary factor. Using other materials in place of PVCu such as aluminum and timber makes it heavy on the pockets. It might seem like a small investment at first but, as soon as you realize the total cost that adds up while renovating, you might be willing to reconsider.

Works as an Efficient Energy-Saver and Insulator

Along with being cost-effective in comparison with other materials such as aluminum and timber, it also works as an efficient insulator. You don’t always want the heat energy that is absorbed in your house to escape. You can go for double glazing or triple glazing. It means to use multiple layered glasses with spaces between them to reduce the loss of heat and to prevent external noises from coming in. It is the best choice if you want to save yourself from the harshness of winters. Combining double glazing and the usage of PVCu can provide you with insulation and amazing energy-efficient goods.

It’s Durable and Long-Lasting

The durability and long life-span of PVCu make it a great choice for windows and doors. It is resistant to harsh weathers, rotting of chemicals, it isn’t subject to corrosion, and you are saved from the risk of electric shocks. Again, comparing it with materials like aluminum and timber, they are subject to the risks mentioned. They both are prone to extreme weather conditions and timber can rot if it is exposed to water. The life span of PVCu is up to 15-20 years. It’s actually known for being used to make pipes for nearly a century. If the quality of the PVCu windows and doors is high, then they are also tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure that they won’t damage in the scorching sun.


PVCu is known to have low-maintenance requirements. As discussed above, it can survive under extreme temperatures, and isn’t subject to chemical rotting, corrosion or releasing electric shocks. Therefore it doesn’t take much to keep them in great condition. If you have windows and walls made of materials such as timber and aluminum then the case differs. They can rot and rust respectively over time and might need regular paint jobs. As the paint jobs need to be done by professionals, they can turn out to be very expensive. PVCu, on the other hand, doesn’t need any regular attention and often stays in its original form for its whole life span.

Increased Safety

As discussed, the material PVCu itself is robust, durable, and long-lasting. When it comes to comparing its strength with that of the other materials, it doesn’t fall much behind in line. Although touching PVCu might feel soft and flexible, it is known for being very difficult to break. It is often unbreakable but of course with the right amount of thickness. To enhance the security that PVCu provides, you can also incorporate multi-locking systems with your PVCu windows. Most locking systems work at different points on the sash and frame of the windows.

A small summary of the above mentioned and other benefits of using PVCu for windows and doors is as follows

  • It doesn’t rot or decompose biologically
  • It doesn’t discolor in extreme sunlight
  • It is resistant to harsh weathers and extreme temperature
  • High-maintenance is not required to preserve its original condition
  • It can withstand tough impact
  • It is lightweight therefore easily moveable
  • It retains its original shape during normal temperatures
  • With hot temperatures, it can be molded into a different shape
  • It can be recycled by changing its structure
  • It is a great sustainable material
  • It provides high security
  • It provides thermal comfort
  • It is resistant to salt erosion

So, there you have it. Now you know that you can use the terms PVCu and uPVC interchangeably. After being aware of all its benefits, if you don’t mind the expense, you can still use some other material for your windows and doors that fit your choice. But if you want a cost-effective alternative along with excellent benefits then PVCu is the way to go!


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