Is Installing a Water Heater System in Your Vacation Rental an Investment or an Expense?


Owning a vacation rental has always been a popular way to make some extra cash. Maybe a long time ago, tourists and travelers didn’t have much of a choice other than to book a room at a hotel. But now, there are lots of choices of where to stay when traveling, and if you own a rental you’ll have others to compete with to get vacationers to stay at your rental. This means you have to keep your rental in tiptop condition.

There’s no reason why you should think that a vacationing family or individual wouldn’t want a hot water system in the bathroom. Obviously, they would need one, and your decision shouldn’t be whether to purchase one or not, but rather which kind.

We’ll cover some basic types of water heaters so you’d know which one suits your rental.

Conventional storage tank:

This style of water heater features a tank which holds water to be heated. This means that the capacity of the tank regulates how much hot water you have available at once. The tank is insulated so that when the water heats up, it remains warm until it’s needed. It’s typically the most popular kind in houses.


A tankless electric heater might be another choice to look into when you don’t need too much or continuous hot water. It generates hot water only when you need it and for as long as you need it. This can save between 27 to 50% of fuel costs over tank-type heaters. Tank-type heaters usually last somewhere between 8 to 12 years, so purchasing a tankless heater might be a convincing reason for you to purchase one.

Gas water heater:

Typically, gas water heaters are less costly than electrical ones, since in most countries of the world, gas is cheaper than electricity. This is because gas-powered heaters have a higher recovery rate (the amount of water it can heat to a certain temperature in a given time period). Gas heaters are often large and meant for big families and take up room, so for smaller rentals, they might not be your best choice. They’re relatively easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you should install it yourself. You can find some companies offering a hot water system free delivery straight to your door, with professionals to install either your electric or gas heater. Nothing beats a long hot shower, so have it installed and running quickly.

Heat pump water heater:

This uses heat in the air and in the ground to heat water. This means that electricity is only used to move heat from the ground or air to the water, instead of the alternative where electricity is used to generate heat. This can save up to 60% on electric bills. Because this water heater style relies on drawing heat from the ground or air around it, it might not work as well in cold spaces compared to other types of heaters.

Why a system is an investment

As with most things in life, the decision on whether you should buy or rent your water heater comes down to money. By renting your unit, your monthly water heater rental rates can go up on a yearly basis by an average of 3.5%. Full ownership means it saves you money in the long run, plus keeps your unit working properly with regular maintenance. The upfront cost is quite minor in the grand scheme of things.

Your rental and guests will thank you

When you provide what your guests need, you’ll easily make up the money you spent on a water heating system through the rent. As long as you’re offering a holiday home or even one room for rent, then you need to make it as comfortable, cozy and practical as possible for your renters. Before long, you’ll have plenty of renters enjoying the comfort you provide them.


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