How to Prepare the Perfect Garden Party at Home


When the summer season kicks in, one of the most exciting things to look forward to is hosting a traditional garden party. However, from the food choices and the floral arrangements to the teapots and the tipples, the organising can take quite a lot of time.

As garden gatherings are the ideal summer soirée, let’s look at how to plan and prepare for the ultimate garden party.

A traditional English-themed party tends to go down well, and this doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need some decoration inspiration, a great bunch of guests, and a bit of space in that back garden of yours.

Get the basics right first

Ideally, your garden will be of reasonable size, as you must consider that it won’t become a danger hazard when a handful of people are gathered there. Use the widest open space to host the tables, chairs, and picnic blankets.

Cooking from a BBQ unit is a nice touch for garden parties, so if you have access to one, look to set one up in a safe place. Then, create the ‘main attraction,’ which tends to be a beautifully laid out table and chairs. You can get a great selection of picnic tables and stacking chairs from Eclipse Furniture  which are perfectly designed for the outdoors.

Consider the decor

The beauty of garden parties means you can be creative with the theme. You can go all out with a ‘Rule Britannia’ theme if you want to keep it British, or why not look at a whimsical, vintage tea party theme?

Whatever your theme, embrace the great outdoors by placing pots of flowering plants like geraniums and tea roses around the garden. These can also serve as table decorations too.

For the garden parties that may run into the evening, look at stringing fairy lights on the table, around chairs or entwined across the decking. This will look very pretty once dusk arrives.

The food and drink

The most exciting part of any garden party is the food, especially when a BBQ is sizzling away in the corner. Why not be a great host and start by serving up a range of canapes while your guests get to know each other? Make the most of the British summer produce with roasted vegetables and halloumi on cocktail sticks, or locally grown asparagus wrapped in parma ham.

Barbequed chicken skewers, spiced burgers and corn cobs tend to be fail-safes, but you could be more adventurous and attempt grilling a whole trout on the barbecue – it’s fresher and looks very impressive. Complement the food offerings with brightly coloured salads, and delicious desserts of scones, cakes, and strawberries with clotted cream.

For the drinks, offer a range of different teas and for those who enjoy a tipple, serve up Mimosas, Pimms, and lemonade, or Gin with Elderflower tonic.

Finally, make sure you have a music system which guests can access and add to the playlist. Nothing gets guests bonding together like a music discussion. Whether you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth device, or you can move a large speaker close to the patio doors, make sure those summer tracks fill the garden. Nobody likes an awkward silence!


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