Improve the Kerb Appeal of Your Home in Just One Weekend


Would your home benefit from a little extra kerb appeal? The exterior of your home says a lot about you and sets visitors up for what’s inside. Whether you want to impress potential buyers, or you feel like making some improvements, working on the kerb appeal of your home can be an easy and inexpensive project to undertake. If you’d like your home to make a better impression and you’ve got a weekend spare, here are some suggestions.

  • Add Some Fresh Greenery and Flowers

This is possibly the most obvious way to improve the kerb appeal of your home. Some fresh greenery and flowers will make a tremendous difference, particularly when used in the right way. If you’ve only got the weekend, you’re not going to have time to landscape a new garden, but you’ll have plenty of time to add some planters and window boxes. Plants can be used to accent key visual points such as windows and entryways.

  • Spruce Up the Front Entrance

When was the last time your front door was treated to a new coat of paint? Have you ever repainted your front door or is it the same drab colour that was there when you first moved in? As well as a new coat of paint, why not consider adding a front door canopy? It can instantly add a touch of class to the front of your home.

  • Give it a Wash and Brush Up

You should be able to wash away years of grime, dirt and messy cobwebs in just a weekend and your home will look loved and cared for once again. Wash the windows, clean out and wash the gutters and downpipes, power wash your garage doors and driveway.

  • Manicure Your Lawn

It’s very easy for a home to look neglected if the front lawn is overgrown, full of weeds and an unattractive shade of brown. Spend some time giving your lawn the long overdue care and attention it needs. While you’ve got your gardening head on trim your trees, prune shrubs, weed the flower beds, remove any dead foliage and add a layer of mulch.

  • A Fresh Lick of Paint

Repainting the front door has already been suggested, and while you’ve got your paintbrushes out, you could dramatically change the exterior of your home by painting an ugly or worn out path, wall or front steps. Far less expensive that replacing the concrete and it’ll look just like new again. A certain amount of preparation is required, as in removing any lose concrete, scrubbing the surface clean and hosing off with clean water. You’ll also need to rough the surface up a little, so the special concrete paint has something to grip to.

Whether you want to sell you home or not, spending just a couple of days sprucing up the exterior of your home has to be worth it. Now, when you come home from work, you’ll be able to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in.


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