Advantages Of Investing In A Garden Room

  1. Better work-life balance

    A garden room provides you with a quieter and peaceful environment for both family and work. You also get to save time you’d have otherwise spent commuting to and from work. The garden room, therefore, gives you the perfect balance to spent time with your family, as well as work when needed.

  2. Less clutter, more efficiency, and better organisation

    A home office might seem like a perfect space for getting work done. You might however struggle to keep the office clean and well organised and especially if it is shared. A garden room helps keep everything separate hence less clutter and improved efficiency. A well-organised room also means more work will get done.

  3. Keeps your family sane

    Working from home is a privilege but also a challenge for many people. If you have a home office in the house, or at the bedroom, chances are you spend most of the day seated and with laundry and everything else surrounding you. Spending all day-everyday with family members makes it monotonous too. A garden office however provides a break where you can work away from your family members. This helps keep you and other family members sane.

  4. A healthier you

    Timber buildings are considerably healthier to live in than the average brick, plasterboard, and steel. It is also considerably much better than air-conditioned rooms and houses. Garden rooms discourage mold spores and dust and also help keep humidity and temperature levels even.  Spending a couple of hours in the garden room leaves you feeling rejuvenated and happier.

    Tempted? Take a look at the Quickgarden website for inspiration.

  5. Affordability

    Garden houses are highly affordable and come in a wide range of configurations. You can have the garden room designed however you like, and accessorise it with the things you feel are essential. The best thing with a garden house is that you get to choose how much you spend on the same. This applies to both summer houses and small garden offices.

  1. Cheaper than renting office space

    The cost of installing and running a garden office is much lower than renting an office for your business. If looking to have one office desk or two for your office, investing in a garden office will be much more affordable than renting office space. In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to get a new business incubator for £300 per month per desk.

  2. Lower energy bills

    If you work from a home office, chances are the central heating system has to remain on all day long. This translates to higher energy bills at the end of the month. A garden office however eliminates the need to have the central heater on all day. Most of these garden offices are built with extra insulation and double-glazed for increased energy efficiency.

  3. It’s a multi-use space

    A garden room isn’t made to be a leisure room or a workshop alone. It can be transformed into a gym, garage, shed area, hobby room, office, and even a summer house. You can also use the garden room for various purposes throughout the year. As mentioned earlier, timber buildings are a healthier option to live in than brick or steel buildings.



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