The Secrets to Improving Your Outdated Interior


If your property is looking a little dull and dreary, you might be eager to improve its style, function and comfort. Yet, you might not have the first clue on how or where to get started.

Rather than settling for lifeless, tired décor that makes you want to head outdoors, take the time to maximise a room’s potential. Here are the secrets to improving your outdated interior.

Change Your Flooring

Before you consider your home’s colour scheme, furniture and furnishings, you may need to change your flooring. After all, it can determine your interior design choices. For instance, if you choose neutral hardwood flooring, you will have more room to play with colours, upholstery and accessories.

Balance Your Colour Scheme

A brand-new colour scheme can be an effective way to overhaul an outdated room. It is, however, essential to strike the right balance with the shades you choose.

For example, if you want to create a blue and grey palette, you could team textured blue cushions with a stylish grey sofa, which could work in harmony with a blue armchair in the corner of a room.

However, ensure you don’t overload a room with one colour more than the other, which can throw your interior design off-balance.

Feature an Impressive Focal Point

An impressive focal point will make you finally feel proud to welcome guests into your home. Find a stunning feature that will draw a person’s eye when they step into the room, which could be:

  • An antique fireplace
  • A gorgeous chandelier
  • A large vase filled with fresh flowers
  • A statement sculpture
  • A bold work of art

Don’t Overlook Variation

Not every item within a room needs to match. If you want to create a home that an interior designer would be proud to live in, you must not overlook variation.

For example, aim to incorporate a variety of textures and finishes into your décor, such as laying down a shaggy rug onto your floor and placing silk cushions on your sofa. It can add interest and depth into your interior design.

Improve Your Home’s Lighting

Both natural and artificial lighting can improve the look and feel of your home. For example, if a room is dark and small, you can make it appear fresh, bright and spacious by removing your heavy curtains and hanging a gorgeous blind, which can welcome more natural lighting while complementing your colour scheme. Find the perfect option for your taste at Poles and Blinds.

You also can improve a room’s atmosphere by layering your property with various artificial lighting, such as wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Install Mouldings into a Room

If you want to create a timeless property that appears expensive, install moulding into your interior architecture. The good news is, you will not need to knock any walls down to create a more luxurious home, as they can be easily applied onto a wall and can add instant character and charm into a space.


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