Five Ways To Create A Touch of Elegance


Deciding to update your home is a big decision. Whether you’re thinking about remodelling entire areas of the house, or simply investing in new furniture and accessories, making the wrong decisions can end up costing you both time and money. If you’re looking to make your home look more elegant and expensive, then read on. We’ve got five great tips on ways to add a touch of class to your home.

Pay Attention To Outdoor Spaces

While the interior of your home is important, it’s worth remembering that the outside spaces are what most people see; keep doors and windows clean, and consider investing in a landscaping service to make the most of any garden areas. A landscape gardener can give you valuable advice on the best plants and flowers for your soil type and location, and can also help you keep on top of important jobs such as lawn care, plant maintenance, and paths and paving.  

Add Beautiful Windows and Doors

One of the best ways to make your home look more elegant from the outside is to replace any outdated windows and doors with more modern alternatives. Wooden fixtures are a great option and will withstand the test of time. For an easy experience, shop online at where you can choose from various styles and colours to match the exterior of your property, and also provide sketches for a fully bespoke service designed to your own specifications.  

Add Artwork

Nothing adds a touch of class to the interior of your home more easily than a carefully curated selection of artwork, and there’s plenty to choose from to suit your own style and tastes. Large scale typography prints are great for minimal homes and look brilliant displayed in simple black frames, while anyone looking for something more quirky could opt for a gallery wall. Choose smaller prints, postcards and even wrapping paper, and group them together for maximum impact.

Invest In Contemporary Furniture

Clean lines and simple styling are the key things to look for when choosing more elegant furniture, and picking something more minimal will make sure your sofas, tables and chairs withstand the test of time. Mid-century styled furniture is incredibly popular and adaptable; either shop secondhand and find original vintage pieces or turn to modern retailers and buy high-quality, specially manufactured replicas. Details to look for when shopping are tapered legs, gentle curves, and understated handles – and if you’re purchasing new furniture, there’s the added bonus of being able to choose from a variety of colours and shades.

Create Built-In Storage

Storage is always a concern when trying to make your home look more elegant; the wrong style can look clunky and detract from the overall style of the room. If you’ve got a healthy budget, employ a carpenter or bespoke manufacturers to create built-in storage that works along the entire length of a wall, or in existing alcoves and under-stairs areas. The custom styling will almost certainly look more expensive than purchasing flat-pack furniture and trying to make it fit yourself.


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