Best Places to Live in the UK


The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful cities. However, if you are deciding on a place to live in Britain, you will need to take the help of cheapest online estate agent. Such a decision needs to be made on factors like the location of schools and shops, job prospects and local insights.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best places to live in the UK based on experts’ opinion.

  1. Salisbury, Wiltshire

This city is chosen by the Sunday Times guide as the best place to live in the UK and we can’t agree more. Salisbury is a beautiful medieval city that has seen some of the worst attacks in history from the Celts and the Vikings. Still, the city stands victorious with its thriving market place, the attractive cathedral at the heart of the city and some of the best schools in the whole of the southwest. From London, you can reach the city in one and a half hour by train. You can expect to buy a home in Salisbury starting from £223,002.

  1. Crickhowell, Powys-Wales

This Wales city has a population of just two thousand which makes it authentic and untouched British city for so many reasons. Last year Crickhowell’s high street was named as the best in Britain. With no national chains in the city, you will definitely love how close-knit are the independent shops on high streets. The locals in the city formed a cooperative to protect their shops from invasion by big brands.

An early morning stroll through the high street will let you see how the bakeries still have ladies stacking their bread, the Webb’s an old-fashioned family-run department store still delivers to your door and for book lovers there is Book-ish that offers conversation and book clubs. You can own a starter home in the city for approximately £60,000.

  1. Dundee-Scotland

Dundee has come a long way from being a run-down industrial relic city to become a vibrant and creative hub that UNESCO tagged as a city of design. The V&A museum was opened in the city last year that added to the happening life in Dundee. The city is home to some of the most welcoming studios, cafes and event spaces. Dundee also hosts an annual design festival that sees crowd not only from the UK but across the globe. Modernization of the city has led it to become home for the explosive gaming industry and other art studios. According to online estate agents, a starter home in Dundee can be bought for £110,390.

  1. Isle of Dogs, Tower Hamlets

Can you believe that there is a city in Greater London, where still most Londoners have never set their foot? It might be that Londoners are too busy to look out for a city that can be an empty-nester’s perfect nest. Just about 15 minutes away from the City via railway, Isle of Dogs is a hidden riverside retreat that amazes you with its tranquillity and contrasting difference from the city. The Thames Path lined with parks, converted wharf building and Greenwich, living in this city will become your dream once you visit. The price of a starter home in the Isle of Dogs is £526,160.

  1. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Mostly recognized as a provincial town in the history of UK, Bury St Edmunds is yet another town in England reinventing itself as a happening cultural city without losing its authenticity. The town is home to the only working Regency playhouse in the UK, the Apex Arts Centre.

If you enjoy the neighbourly yet pleasantly drowsy living in a city, then Bury St Edmunds is the city for you. There are classy eateries to satisfy even the heartiest gourmet alongside the Northgate where martinis are made from foraged ingredients. The Hunter jazz club and the artisan coffee roasters are other places to enjoy. According to online estate agents, you can buy a starter home in this town by shelling out £196,759.

These cities in the UK will make even the most detached souls feel at home with their warm welcoming streets and great insights.


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