Skip Hire Size Guide


If you are here, then, chances are, you are heavily interested in mini skip hire. And while you are already sure of your decision, you still have a good number of doubts. Finding the right cheap skip here is not really a difficult thing to overcome, especially if you have the right know-how. But since there are different types of skip sizes, the process can be confusing and time-consuming.

At the end of the day, you just want to determine the right capacity and type of waste involved. From there, everything should be a piece of cake. For instance, selecting a large skip can be a waste of money when you only need a smaller one. But hey, this is what this guide is all about. You will learn all the different skip dimensions out there.

2 Yard Skip

This one right here is the most ideal option if you are only concerned about a small amount of waste. For example, you are just looking to complete a quick garden clean up. The 2 Yard Skip can fit into your property with ease, and you do not even have to worry about it eating too much space.

Dimensions: 5ft (1.52m) Long x 4ft (1.22m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High

4 Yard Skip

The 4 Yard Skip, which is often known as the midi skip, is perfect for domestic use. This includes bathroom and kitchen refitting, although its use can extend to basic and advance garden clean ups. With this skip’s convenient size, storing it wherever in your property will not bring you headaches. Apart from garden waste, the 4 Yard Skip is also suitable for household waste and builders’ waste, just to name a few.

Dimensions: 7ft (2.13m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High

6 Yard Skip

If you are involved in the world of building and/or construction, then there is no doubt that you have heard or encountered the 6 Yard Skip. It is, after, a popular choice in these industries. A skip with the right size is more than enough to take care of all of your building and construction waste. And while it is readily designed for building and construction areas, there is nothing wrong about using it for domestic purposes. If you have a larger property and you tend to work on massive garden clean ups, then this skip size is your best bet.

Dimensions: 10ft (2.29m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High

8 Yard Skip

Are you often working with larger projects? Did you use any of the aforementioned skip sizes before only to find out that they get easily filled? If so, then you should really consider bumping the size of skip you need. The 8 Yard Skip can give you comfort, especially if you are not sure whether to go with a larger or smaller size. With its ability to accommodate nearly 80 bin bags of waste, you will definitely enjoy its massive storage ability. From commercial to industrial to renovation works, this will not let you down.

Dimensions: 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 4.5ft (1.37m) High

14 Yard Skip

If the 8 Yard Skip will not get the job done, it only means that you need to bump up the size. And since you will be working with some bulky waste, it only makes sense to improve your waste storing power. Well, if this is the case, then the 14 Yard Skip should be your ideal option. Apart from offering you with the right amount of space, it is also flexible enough to be used for whatever waste disposal needs. Are you looking to take care of those commercial and industrial wastes? Worry no more – this skip size got you covered.

Dimensions: 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6.5ft (1.98m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High

20 Yard Skip

The 20 Yard Skip is best for larger loads of household waste and clearances. In some cases, builders decide to use this skip for lighter waste. If are managing tons of building works and/or bulky waste, this skip size is more than enough to get the job done. In fact, the 20 Yard Skip is by far the largest skip available out there when it comes to heavy waste

Dimensions: 6.1 m in length, 2.4 m in width, and 2.0 m in height.


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