3 Interior Styling Ideas for After a Big DIY Project


Very often, DIY isn’t just a duty – it’s a fun activity. It allows us to build key skills and improve our living space at the same time; what’s not to love? And better still, a touch of interior styling can really enhance the final result of our efforts.

If you want to highlight your hard work, why not explore our top three tips?

  1. Transform a room from the outside-in

Windows are a crucial part of any home – so, if you’ve applied your own DIY skills to upgrade yours, who could blame you?

After all, doing it yourself is the best way to ensure that a job’s done properly. And you’ll no doubt want to finish off your hard work with a bespoke set of blinds or curtains.

Aside from providing light blockage whenever needed, the right pair could help you to completely transform your interior from the outside-in.

With a wealth of designs and fabrics, specialists like Swift Direct Blinds can guarantee to meet your style preferences.

  1. Highlight newly painted walls

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy painting walls? In fact, it’s a favourite DIY project for many of us, as it can be both creative and relaxing.

And once completed, it leaves us with a fresher-looking indoor space. If you want to highlight this transformation, you can – easily.

A lot of the time, all it takes is wall art; find pieces that complement the shade of your walls, and you’re bound to attract guests’ attention to them.

Watery scenes – like ocean views – tend to boost the effect of white and pale-coloured walls, for example. Floral images, on the other hand, can add something extra to blue and green walls.

Alternatively, you may want to offset deeper hues – say dark orange or crimson – with white paintings or posters. Effective décor could really accent your new wall colours.

  1. Draw attention to fixed furniture

Who said you need to pay someone else to fix your furniture? Perfect your skills, and you could easily do it yourself!

Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to show off your achievement, too. And you can do this with just a touch of decoration.

Add a few tasteful accessories to your newly repaired unit, and it’ll instantly catch any guest’s eye that enters its interior setting. Why not brighten up your shelves with indoor plants? Or you could personalise your dresser with some colourful pottery or photo frames.

However you choose to adorn your restored item, make sure that it helps your work to stand out.

Styling your latest interior DIY project doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, simple techniques could make it easy. Follow our tips, and you’ll be able to accent your work in a fun and easy way.



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