Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal


People tend to form an impression of a property the moment that they set eyes on it, and it can be hard to change this perception no matter what the interior is like. It is for this reason why the kerb appeal is so important, particularly if you plan on selling the home anytime soon. Many homeowners focus so much on the interior of the home that they forget about the exterior, but this is an area that also needs attention. A fantastic looking exterior will ensure that you take great pride in your home and enjoy returning to the house each day. Here are a few ideas for improving the kerb appeal.

Replace The Door

It is often the front door that people will notice first, so this is a good place to start. You could completely replace the front door with something more stylish or attractive or make a simple change like a fresh coat of paint. You can also improve the appearance of this area by having flowers, exterior lighting, and possibly even a bench if space permits.  

Path & Driveway

People will also immediately notice the path to the front door and the driveway as these will be used to access the home. This means that you need to make these areas neat, tidy, and attractive. This could be done by resurfacing the area, power washing, placing exterior lights along the path, and using plants as a border. 

New Windows

People can’t help but look in the windows when approaching a property, so this needs to be an area of consideration too. You could replace them with larger or more stylish looking windows, but this should always be carried out by a professional like Bill Butters Windows. You can also improve the appearance of the windows with windows boxes and exterior shutters.

Clean The Gutters

It is a small job, but one that can make a big difference. Cleaning out your gutters – particularly if it is in autumn/winter – can make a home look much neater and tidier while also ensuring that rainwater is guided away from the home’s foundation.

Replace The Mailbox

The mailbox is often an overlooked area of the front garden but one which can increase the home’s appeal when it is clear that thought and effort has been put into it. This is a chance to show your personality, and you can easily dress up a mailbox by using the same colours as the home and/or by surrounding it with flowers.

You should always take great pride in your home, but this can be hard when it looks drab, uncared for, and unattractive from the outside. These tips should give your home a facelift and improve the kerb appeal so that you look forward to coming home each day and are not embarrassed when people pass by. Additionally, if you plan on selling anytime soon, then you should always take steps to improve kerb appeal as this will help to form a positive first impression.



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