Remodelling Your Kitchen to Create a Better Layout – Keep These Tips in Mind


There are few rooms in your home that get as much use and traffic as the kitchen does. In many homes, the kitchen typically ends up being the hub where the majority of activity, socialising and just hanging out takes place. Whether you’re preparing a meal, tidying up, or eating, it just seems like the natural place for people to gather and relax. With that said, what started out as a functional space that you thought was perfect for your lifestyle can start to change and suddenly no longer fit your needs.

If you’ve been considering a remodelling project of your kitchen in order to create a better layout that allows the space to be more functional, then there are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind. These will help to ensure the renovations go smoothly, on budget, on schedule, and give you the results that you had been envisioning. So let’s get started.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Plan

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when tackling a substantial remodel project such as a kitchen is to go in without a concrete plan. Choosing to just make up your mind as you go, find materials along the way, and basically “wing-it” will put a lot of stress on you to make quick decisions, it can often lead to mistakes, and the results likely won’t be as cohesive or spectacular as you hoped for.

By creating a plan you will then be able to lay out all the necessary steps in the order they need to be done, get a clear view of the materials you’ll need, understand how much time will be needed, and work in a methodical manner.

In terms of creating the plan, the big question to start with is “how do I plan to use the space”? This answer alone will dictate the direction of the floorplan, help you to figure out where appliances should go, how big the counter should be and the shape of it, where people can sit, how much storage space you need, and so forth.

Take Your Time Choosing Materials

As mentioned above, the materials you choose will also have a substantial impact on the overall look and feel of the finished space. Materials such as your countertop, cupboards, backsplash, flooring, and even the hardware all help to tie a design together and give it life. This isn’t a process you want to rush through, just grabbing the first thing you see or whatever is on sale.

Make sure you are holding all materials up to each other and making sure the general flow and design stays connected through all your choices. And remember, the price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

Know When to Hire Professionals

It’s quite common for homeowners to want to do much of the work, if not all of it, on their own. It can be a great way to save money, and really ensure that things are done the way you wanted. However, it’s also important to recognize when a particular job or task is outside of your skillset. Forging ahead on a project that you have no experience or knowledge of can result in disaster.

One area you never want to take chances with is electrical work. This isn’t the type of task you want to “tinker around” with and just kind of guess how it’s done. When electrical work is done incorrectly and doesn’t follow code, you risk all kinds of serious problems, including an electrical fire. Instead, it’s important to get in contact with local electricians right away and have them come out and do the job correctly and safely.

Start With a Blank Space

Another great tip is to start with a blank space, or as blank as possible. What this means is that before renovations actually get started you want to clear out as much as you can. You need room to move around and work in the space, without tripping over all the typical kitchen clutter. If you aren’t replacing your appliances during the remodel, be sure they are well covered and protected so they don’t sustain any damage during the work period.

Depending on how extensive your renovations are, you may also need to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the home. This should be done before the work gets started. Typically, just the basics will do, a sink, a small workspace, access to a fridge, a microwave, and then you can use your outdoor grill for cooking.

Setting Yourself Up for Renovation Success

These tips are designed to set you up for renovation success in the kitchen so that your vision of the perfect space is able to become a reality.


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