Quick Guide: How to Choose The Right Furniture For Your Home


You have envisioned it in your head. You’ve checked through all the magazines and all the books. You have a pretty decent idea of what you want in your home. Yet, with all that said and done, you end up overwhelmed by the choices and the sheer magnitude of options. There are so many stores and so many websites all telling you that they have the best in the business. Surely there has to be one, right? Is there even such a thing as “the best” piece of furniture?  How many scrolls does it take to find the perfect one? Who gets to decide? The answer is you. You are the only person who knows what is best for your home. Yes, it may be time consuming, but have no fear! Choosing the perfect pieces for every corner of your living space is easy if you have a few simple things in mind, and a tape measure just to be safe.

Your Look, Your Touch

Everybody has their own taste and style. Some like smooth and sleek, some like rustic and eclectic. Whichever the case, furniture is specific to you. It is an expression of who you are and a reflection of what you like. The objective of picking out the perfect piece is to express your own unique approach. There is an art to filling up your home with meaningful things. They relate stories and serve a purpose higher than just a place to sit. The first step to making your home distinctly you, is to choose a theme. What is it about you that makes you distinct? Furthermore, what patterns and characteristics resonate with you when you see them? Have you ever been to somebody’s home and think, “Wow, this is so me”? That, more often than not, is the theme we want to serve as our canvas. Now, there are so many to choose from. Some may gravitate towards modern tones and clean lines. The minimalist look is very popular these days. Others may drift towards classic plantation style aesthetics or mid-century look. They give a very home-y and project a life well lived. Or maybe you love the bohemian style. The choice is yours.

The next step in discovering your own personal style is to collect fond memories. Get out a notebook and write out some of your favorite times and try to recreate the setting. What was it about those settings that really engrained itself into your mind? Remember, choosing furniture is about enriching the senses and filling your home with a beauty that can be appreciated by you and your guests. The lampshade you may have seen in Marrakesh while on holiday, the vanity you may have seen in an old-Hollywood hotel; these are the contexts that give justice to the pieces in your home.

Elephant In The Room

Another thing to consider is size. It is important not to overcrowd a room or leave too many wide open spaces. They can prove to be either obstacles or perceived as gaps. So, keep in mind the dimensions of the room you are trying to furnish and the pieces you may already have. Establish which is the centerpiece of the room and build a collection around it. For instance, if you’re furnishing a dining room, the centerpiece is going to be the dining table. One cannot put a giant table in a small dining room. The logistics of going around and establishing seating arrangements are key elements to, not only a fine dinner party, but a quiet meal with loved ones as well. And nobody likes to be squished. We have all seen the tremendous layouts Pinterest and magazines present, but we need to ensure that nobody feels uncomfortable with a wall against their back during a Sunday dinner. Whatever shape or style you may choose, this guide and many others can point you in the right direction. But take detailed notes and accurate measurements before settling on a piece, as long as it is within your theme, of course.

A subject that one must be aware of, although a side note at times, is budget. Keeping within your budget and maximizing your hard earned cash will keep stress low and keep you in a good headspace for making well thought out purchases. Fortunately, the tiers of pricing within the design industry are well established and navigating through them is quite simple. And following this brick-and-mortar theme of cost, be sure to ask yourself, “is this a practical piece of furniture for my home?” There are items that look gorgeous in context. Outside of it, they may throw off the whole vibe and look of the arrangement. A chandelier in a toilet is not a practical idea at all. A bedframe in the foyer doesn’t work. Well, if you want, by all means, put the disco ball in the kitchen. But be aware that those are both impractical and serve only as an additional cost. As a plus, if you keep budget and practicality in mind, you’ll have more to allocate for other wonderful room-tying details.

Time Will Tell

It is important to point out that whatever your theme and style may be, you want your furniture to last. There are trendy sofas and fabulous cabinets that tend to go away with the times. Take the television, for example. The evolution of the television and its importance as the center of the living room changed wildly in a short span of less than ten years. At one end of the timeline, you have the giant tubes with hardwood panels and expensive shelving, sold to accentuate its imposing bigness. At the other end you have what we consider the modern version of a screen: flat, discreet, and almost innocuous. A television and the accessories around it bear little weight in the modern home and serves almost as a piece of art on a wall. And although huge for a time, the now outdated clunky entertainment systems can be seen scattered on the side of the street.

So be aware that the look of the modern home is ever changing. Have your pieces serve a timeless purpose. Those are the ones that matter. They are the heirlooms we eventually pass down to the next generation. Have them all fit into your central theme and make sure they fit your budget. And most of all, let your own personal style and stories shine through the hallways and quarters.



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