Life-saving Plumbing Solutions You Can DIY


There are some plumbing problems that we all come to face at some point in time. At first, though, they might seem hard to deal with. That’s why it’s important to get some experience; get your hands dirty. What we have here are simple solutions to help you beat these problems on your own.

Makeshift Low-Flush Toilet

Even if you don’t necessarily care for mother earth, there’s no doubt that you’d love to save on utility costs, right? This solution is for those who don’t wish to waste so much water for flushing. “But flushing is essential,” you may say. To which, we’ll have to reply with, “you don’t need to use as much water as you think while flushing.”

Granted, you could buy a low-flush toilet, but that will just leave you with an empty wallet. Instead, why not fill up a large bottle of water, maybe two, and put them in your toilet tank? That way, your tank won’t fill up with as much water due to the space occupied by the bottles, and you’ll end up using a lot less water in each flush

Easy Unclogging

Remember that scene from Monsters Inc. when Sully threw all Boo’s toys down the toilet and it started overflowing? Well, that’s what we call, having a clogged toilet and it happens to most of us. Yes, there’s an easy fix for that, but as one article suggests, don’t you ever use liquid plumber in your toilet. It can result in the corrosion of several pipe components which is a whole other dilemma on its own. Instead, save yourself the trouble and do it the old fashioned way.

Stop flushing; it’ll only make matters worse. Then, grab your trusty plunger and plunge; it’s all about sealing the air. You need your plunger cup to fully cover the drain, then you’re going to want to plunge until your pipes are unclogged.

Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Imagine sitting at home after a long day’s work. You try to relax, but there’s a constant noise echoing in the back of your head. You try to tune it out, but the harder you try, the stronger it echoes. You go to the kitchen sink for the millionth time and you twist on the faucet handles; it’s useless.

How about something else? The problem is usually with the washer in your faucet. Next time, unscrew your faucet and locate your washer. Then, take a piece of string and tighten it around your washer. It should restrict water flow and you’ll be good to go.

Before reaching out to a plumber, we urge you to try and fix the problem yourself. It’s always better to give it a shot, and learn through experimenting rather than call for help every time you’re faced with plumbing issues. That way, you’ll at least have some experience with these situations and you won’t have to scream for help every time your toilet gets clogged. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money.



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