How to Design Your Dream Garden


Maintaining a garden can be a fun hobby, a way to beautify your home, and a cost-effective way to stock the kitchen. However, it’s easy for your beloved flower beds to become overcluttered with weeds in a short period of time. You might feel like you can’t keep up with the planting and maintenance demands, and that your backyard looks far from how you imagined.  

Fortunately, there is more than one way to design and keep up a beautiful garden. If you feel like your greenery sanctuary could use some updating, consider making these small changes. These are some fun, easy ways to touch up your growing space and add style to the layout.

Turn Your Garden into an Art Gallery

One of the most creative ways to turn a garden into a true oasis without breaking the bank is by adding some art. That’s right! There are artists out there who design pieces specifically for use in the garden. Try some colourful stone and tile plates, or sweet-sounding wind chimes. Beautifully designed bird baths and feeders are another way to bring some style into the space.

One of the easiest ways to add some art to the garden is through the use of pots. You may have an entirely ground-planted garden. Even so, add a few potted plants to show off some fun vase art. These pots make the space look more deliberate, tidy, and creative.

The best part of garden art is that much of it can be done yourself. Buy some durable paint and decorate a thrifted crate to place pots on. Collect seashells next time you’re at the shore, and scatter them around the herbs.

Use Visual Design Elements

Experts at Joe Taylor Gardening Services say that there are endless options for garden design, like planting a variety of colours. You can also make use of plants that differ in height and shape. Suddenly, your growing will have dimensions with layered plants throughout the space.

If you are looking to plan a flowerbed layout, colour patterns should be your largest consideration. For a garden that surrounds a social area on an outdoor patio, on the other hand, you may be more interested in using taller plants to pull focus from unsightly fencing. Tall plants can also be used to draw a divide between yards.

Clean Up the Clutter

Landscaping requires a lot of hard work. Shrubs need to be trimmed, grass cut, and weeds pulled. If a garden becomes overrun with weeds, even the most beautiful garden on earth will look unsightly. It is one of the major pitfalls people experience when attempting to maintain a garden. Try to set a schedule for these chores like pulling weeds and trimming hedges. This may help keep you on track.

If you find that you don’t have the time to consistently keep up with this maintenance, hire a professional. Perhaps you handle the work on the first and third weeks of the month, and you hire someone to check in and tidy up on your off weekends.

The Bottom Line

Whatever style of garden you hope to create, these tips can help you bring in a little of your personality. They can also keep things tidy and nice to look at.

Some choose to create a garden to welcome guests on the back patio. Others enjoy curating a veggie garden to fill the fridge with delicious home-grown food. Either way, these beauty tips will give your garden an energy that weeds cannot bring. Suddenly, your backyard will look more beautiful, fresh, and enticing than ever.


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