Age of Style: What Do Millennials Look For In Their Furniture?


Millennials and Generation Y are a lot different from their parents, and that includes taste. There are many people who think that they don’t care about furniture, but that is somewhat inaccurate. They do care, but not as much as the previous generation did. Older generations are fond of large furniture sets, especially if they match together. Nowadays, young people don’t really care about matching sets and they definitely don’t like “large” pieces in their homes. So what do they like? Well, they are more lenient towards simple and easy to clean the pieces.


Usually, young people don’t have a lot of money, especially when they are first starting out in a new apartment. They cannot afford to fill it with a lot of furniture, even if they wanted to. So, they invest in versatile pieces that have more than one function. For instance, a convertible chair or couch is something they would invest in. It’s multi-functional and won’t cost them as much as a couch and a bed would. There are many pieces with a double function like the Duty box wardrobe; this wardrobe has many shelves that they can store things like shoes, clothes, or books behind a fashionable large mirror. Another thing they would invest in is the mirror-table piece; it’s a mirror that is hung on the wall and a rectangular dinner table when unfolded. Versatile pieces cater to all of their needs at once and they are less expensive than most furniture.


There are a lot of people who are not familiar with the millennial taste in interior design. Some furniture makers still don’t know how to cater to their tastes. Well, the answer is simple; minimalism. The youth are not really attracted to big pieces or a lot of furniture in the same place. Millennials don’t like things that have the potential to cause clutter. Which is why they often go for minimalist pieces and don’t keep numerous things in their apartments. They don’t own anything for the sake of decoration unless it’s usable and essential for them. But, most probably you will never find a wooden piece for the sake of décor in a young person’s house. This generation is also most likely to downsize useless pieces in their apartments if it had the potential to create a lot of clutter. The reason behind this minimalist aesthetic is fairly simple; they just prefer a clean, sleek look.

Easy to clean

There are many people who don’t have time to clean and others just don’t like to, including millennials. The last thing that young people want to do is clean the house; they spend half of their day at work and they come back home tired. And, obviously, the last thing they want to do is spend their weekend cleaning. Which is why they mostly buy furniture that is easy to clean around. So anything like a platform bed would be great for them; it’s easy to clean under because it has a noticeable gap between it and the floor. And the best part, they come in quite a range of materials today.

Statement pieces

Generation Y is also more likely to buy “original” pieces, meaning anything that looks unique or bizarre. Even though their style tends to be simplistic, they still like to feel original and that their house expresses their one of a kind taste and is as unique as they are. They are also important because their houses are usually empty, so sometimes they need a statement piece or two to fill the space a little bit. These pieces are all different from each other, but they have one thing in common. They always stand out and they are the first things that people look at. These pieces usually have an unusual look, so something like a mosaic carpet, or big, modern chandeliers, for instance, would do. Young people also invest in abstract or modern art; so they can have a certain ambiance in the room.


With minimalism comes simplicity; they might feel like they are the same thing. But, that is somewhat inaccurate.Minimalism means owning less, but simplicity means owning non-complex and plain furniture. Which is why you will find that Gen Y often buys tables and beds with dark, plain wood. They also don’t like loud or complex patterns on their furniture. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t like patterns at all. It only means that they like simple and elegant ones. Millennials also like clear floors and surfaces because they are soft on the eyes and also easy to clean. This means that they won’t be purchasing a lot of rugs and they won’t be keeping various home décor items around. Generation Y perfects simplicity of buying different pieces, but they don’t buy another version of the same piece.

If there is one word that could describe a millennial’s taste in interior design; it would be a modern aesthetic. This description encompasses everything that young people look for in furniture. Generation Y might like simplicity within their homes, but they also like to integrate a bit of a statement piece with it. Their style differs a lot from their parents and they don’t share the same aesthetic at all. The youth like to feel original and so they have their own distinctive taste. They are most likely to buy abstract art and weird-looking chandeliers while maintaining the simple, minimalist look. Speaking of minimalism, they always like to keep things to a minimum. Millennials hate clutter, and so they don’t buy anything that might cause it and they get rid of anything that is not necessary. They also prefer simple wooden pieces with rich, warm colors; pieces like this incorporate simplicity with modern design, which is what they taste revolves around. Millennials love furniture that is easy to clean; they will never buy a couch that is easy to stain or one that doesn’t allow them to clean under. Young people are also huge fans of versatile pieces because they are both affordable and multi-functional. Their taste in décor is not hard to figure out, and furniture makers are already learning to cater to them.


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