How to Create a Fundraising Page for Free?


Does your organization supports a great cause and wants to attract more donations? Often non profit organization support a wide variety of causes, like helping those entrapped in natural calamities such as hurricane or earthquake, or supporting an educational cause.   Crowd funding is one of the several ways through which a non-profit organization can raise funds. But you might be wondering how to setup a fundraising page that will inspire large number of people to give. It is crucial for organizations to set up a compelling donation page that communicates their story well.

Here are some of the tips to get you started.

  • Before setting up a page you first have to decide the platform that will help you best achieve your desired results. Since crowd funding popularity is growing, there are several websites available to choose from. You can choose a platform based on features like 24/7 customer support, blogs that provide great fundraising tips etc. Also platform should have an easy setup process along with the fundraising feature. Social networking websites also can be used to spread the word quicker and raise substantial funds.
  • After setting up your page, create a great page title that catches the attention of the potential supporter. A memorable title keeps the user interested, it increases the chances of getting more clicks for the donation link.
  • Describing the cause you are supporting in an engaging story line can enhance it’s impact on the reader. Take time to beautifully craft a story in a meaningful way that perfectly portrays your noble cause.
  • Add photos of relevant events on the fundraising page that your organization has hosted. Pictures and videos help showcasing organizational culture and give people sense of how your organization functions.
  • Most importantly add the fundraising link to the page and at the most visible side of the page.
  • As you complete setting up of your page, share it first with your friends and people from your closest circle. Highlighting major donations from your cirlce can give you a headstart. After that you can start sharing the page on your social media to spread the word further and create more awareness.
  • Contemplate a solid sharing plan, by sharing your page on wider social media platforms ensures it reaches to larger audience. Social media makes it easier and a lot faster to reach out mass people. You can also spread awareness through mobile Apps, Emails and newsletters. Creating hashtags and enabling further sharing of the can attract interested audience.
  • Post regular updates and new developments about the fundraiser on the page and convey gratitude towards donors for their generosity. Donor engagement and community building often leads to repeated donation.

Setting up a great fundraising page is the key to unlock the full potential of crowdfunding capabilities for modern day non profit organizations. They have a potential to make a significant impact by spreading the word quicker and faster. Utilizing free tools can substantially reduce costs to manage your fundraising campaigns and help sustain them for longer period of time.


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