Common Lawnmower Problems and How to Fix Them


When your lawnmower develops a fault, it can be tempting to just get rid of it and get a new one. However lawnmowers can be expensive, and often the faults are not anywhere near as bad as you think and can be fixed quite easily. It’s certainly worth trying to fix your lawnmower before you splash out on a new one so here are some of the most common problems you might experience with your mower and some solutions for fixing these issues. But first you should check if your lawnmower is under warranty. If it is then you should contact your manufacturer as you could invalidate the warranty if you fix your lawnmower yourself. If it’s out of warranty then you’ve got nothing to lose so give it a go. Fixing it will bring you a great feeling of satisfaction, and with the cash you’ll save from repairing your broken mower, you could take your other half out to lunch, or perhaps just put your feet up and have a few spins on gemix slot. You deserve it!

Smoke coming out of your lawnmower

Seeing smoke pouring out of your mower can send you into a panic. Is it about to burst into flames? The answer is not usually so dramatic so there’s no need to be alarmed. The most common reason for a smoking mower is too much oil in the chamber or a leaking chamber. So check the chamber and see how much oil is in it first. Then look for leaks. Is the cap on tight enough or does the cap have a leak? A replacement cap will be much cheaper than a replacement lawnmower!

Can’t pull the starter rope

There are a couple of reasons why the starter rope gets stuck or becomes hard to pull. First check that the mower isn’t clogged with trimmings causing the blade to be stuck. Of course be sure the engine is off before attempting this. Another thing to check is the flywheel brake. Check to see if the brake is pressing against the handle.

Lawnmower is losing power

If your lawnmower is cutting out, or it starts sputtering, you may be inclined to think that the engine is on its last legs, but this often isn’t the case and it could be a problem that’s very easy to fix. It may be that you simply haven’t got the mower set to the right height for your grass. Double check this, and if in doubt double check your manual and try a setting for taller grass. Or perhaps your blade needs a good clean. This can also solve this issue. Your instruction manual should give you all the information you need for thoroughly cleaning your blade. If neither of these fix the problem, all is not lost as the most common solution for a lawnmower losing power is because the filter is dirty, similar to when a vacuum cleaner loses suction. You can easily remove the filter and clean it. If it’s very dirty then you may prefer to replace it and you’ll find that the filters are available quite cheaply. Finally, it could be a dirty or broken spark plug. Spark plugs are also cheap to buy and they’re fairly simple to replace, so that could be the solution to your problem.

Give it a try before rushing to replace

Of course it could still be that your lawnmower is unfortunately beyond repair, but in many cases, one of the solutions above will fix your problem and your lawnmower will serve you well for many more years. It’s always worth trying to repair before simply discarding your mower and going to the expense of buying a new one as the solution is often much more simple than you may have thought.


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