How to create a relaxing ambience in a room without much natural light


Your home should be your sanctuary, and every room in the house should be the pinnacle of relaxation and tranquillity. This can be hard to achieve in dark rooms that are devoid of any natural lighting, however. Not only can lighting have an impact on our productivity levels, but studies also suggest that bad lighting can lower our moods. There are certain measures you can take to transform the appearance of any room, even without the advantage of natural light. Here are five top tips that you should follow in order to give any room a more relaxing ambience:

  1. Make use of artificial lighting

If you don’t have natural lighting on your side, then you need to make the most of the artificial lighting available. Get creative with your lighting options, choosing those with a dimming switch, allowing you to alter the room’s brightness depending on the circumstances. If you’re decorating a large room with dark corners, then lamps are a great way to make the space cosy.

Shoppers are now more environmentally conscious than ever, however – 70% of those surveyed agreed it was time individuals started taking responsibility for the environment’s future. Luckily, your artificial lights don’t have to cost the planet; switching to LED lightbulbs is better for the environment and can also save you more than £100 on your electricity bills each year.

  1. Adopt a more minimalist approach

It’s hard to fully relax in a chaotic and cluttered environment. Walls covered in artwork and surfaces littered with objects are great in some rooms, but in an ambient environment, you need to be more minimalist. Organisation is key, and you need to ensure each letter and stray document has a home, or it will only end up being left on the side. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary trinkets and accessories, spend more money on quality furnishings.

  1. Stick to a neutral colour palette

If you don’t have natural lighting on your side, you need to do everything you can to make the room appear brighter than it is. This can be achieved with light walls and furnishings, and by sticking to a neutral colour palette. Dark furnishings might look sophisticated, but they soak up any natural light and can make your entire room look dark and dreary.

  1. Make full use of candles

If you’ve never bought into the candle hype, now is the best time to do so. The flame of a candle can make the room look so much more intimate and relaxing. Best of all, scented candles can alter the mood of the room depending on the fragrance you decide to light.

  1. Invest in some faux plants

Plants are a great way to inject life into a room and create a more relaxing ambience. However, if there’s an absence of natural lighting then your plant might not live for long. Faux plants don’t need to be watered and they don’t need light to survive, but they can still brighten up the entire space.


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